Some Fascinating Facts About Students in College LifeEnter content title here...

Some Fascinating Facts About Students in College LifeEnter content title here...
11 months ago

College life is something every student awaits to live. There are various positive and negative experiences, when they are living their college life.

It is the golden period for the students because it this period, that students become aware about their future, about their dreams. They formulate the ultimate goals of their life like: which profession they want to choose and what are their life goals?

Some students learn how to find their passion in music, try their luck in the music field where as the students who have dream of pursuing education in abroad, immigrate to the educationally developed countries worldwide.

So, during this phase of life, students plan their future goals and start working on them. But there are so many other things that a potential student experiences in their college life.

Let’s see what are those interesting things and facts –

a. Lot of formalities – There are numerous formalities and documentations for getting admission in the renowned and successful colleges. The students have to collect all the past degrees, certificates, gather money which is approximately above 30,000 dollars per year.

b. The requirements are varied – Getting enrolled in a college or university is not a simple task. There are certain set of requirements that students have to fulfill before they actually get admitted. Say for instance: if a student wants to get admission for MBA, he would have to pass the clearance tests for that.

c. Female strength is higher than male in colleges – It has been an evident fact that more females are welcomed in the colleges as compared to the males. It has been specified that every year about 7,85,000 males and about 16,00,000 females are enrolled in colleges.

d. The campuses are made attractive for a purpose – It is seen that these days, colleges are trying to make their campuses attractive and alluring so as to attract mass number of students to take admission in the college. They emphasize on providing other facilities apart from education like theatres, fitness centers, rock-climbing walls, games, spa. It looks more like the students are coming to a movie hall or a resort rather than coming for studying purpose.

e. Food is accessible 24 hours in the campuses – The students do not have to worry about the meals now because the 24-hour food service is available at almost all college cafeterias.

f. Student tend to consume more coffee – It has been a vivid fact that the average coffee consumption per day is large in case of students as compared to other consumer groups.

g. Party habits among students – The students are considered to be more partyholic in comparison with the other section of people. But is it a myth or a rumor about the students? It has been proved that only 30 percent of the students are party animals.

h. Students spend most of their time on social media – It has been observed that the students spend about 70 percent of their time on internet and social networking. This is the reason why students may not spend much of their time in studying.

i. Students keep contact with their friends after graduation – It was not possible in the conventional times to stay connected with the friends in colleges but now due to social media facility, the students keep connected with the friends even after they complete their graduation.

j. Students tend to read and write more – It has been specified by one of the colleges that about 62 percent of the students read assignments regularly. In the breaks like summer vacations and winter vacations, they tend to read enough books. They also write essays and assignments on daily basis in college. If they are overburdened with the writing tasks, they hire online essay writer to complete their essays on the specified time.

k. Long- Distance relationships – In colleges, the students indulge in romantic relationships and also in long-distance relationships. Some relationships last but some fail after the college life. However, many people confront difficulties in running the long-distance relationships. It needs some extra effort and patience to make the long-distance relationships work.

l. Students learn a variety of new skills – In the colleges, the spirits and instincts on the students are on the peak. So, it takes less time for them to decide the goal of their life. In colleges nowadays, there are variety of opportunities available for the students like participating in music, dance, singing, article writing, poems, painting, etc. From these activities, the students learn a range of new skills and at the same time, they discover their talents and passions.

m. Students learn to become independent – It is especially for those students who are immigrants and are novice to a foreign country. The students have to move on to new places time to time. They learn to manage how to survive college life, their expenses, their working schedules, the domestic work side by side. Overall, they learn the true value of life.

n. Eating breads and Pizzas – Having pizzas and breads is the easiest option available for students to fill their tummies because they find it difficult to cook meals when they are busy in completing their important tasks.

o. They learn the value of time – The students learn to manage their household chores, the work deadlines, the job duties at the same time. They get to know how to manage the time that further helps them effectively in their future life.

Student life is the best phase of life because it shapes the person’s personality. The students learn a lot of new things during their college life by making new friends, indulging in new social circles, becoming socially active. It develops the character of the student.