Writing Content to Enhance your Business Strategy

 Writing Content to Enhance your Business Strategy

Content marketing is no longer confined to the creation and distribution of content. It has evolved into creating content experiences.

You want to create an experience that your visitors will be compelled to engage with and share among their networks.

Zig Ziglar famously said, “Stop selling. Start helping.

That is probably how the concept of content marketing was born.

But why is content so important?

Content creation is a crucial element of the content marketing and content experience processes that focuses on:

  • brainstorming to come up with topic ideas that appeal to your target audience,
  • deciding its content format,
  • producing the content and
  • then making it available through your website and other marketing avenues.

Here are most commonly used content formats to create content experiences.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are widely used because they help with SEO (search engine optimization). They are easy to consume because they typically tend to be between 500–1500 words long. Blog posts are foundational to the content strategy as they help businesses spread brand awareness, establish thought leadership and are a gateway to lead generation.

Lee Pryke, Writer, Content Marketing


Infographics are visual representations of data and information with the aim of making the message simple. We are visual creatures and the information presented in infographics is easily understood and retained


Whitepapers are one of the most common ways for B2B brands to establish authority in their niche. Whitepapers are reports that cover a particular topic in-depth and consist of heavy research with an intention to provide a solution to a specific problem.


eBooks tend to be longer compared to whitepapers. eBooks are proven to be an effective content form for lead generation. Organizations use eBooks to create content such as strategy guides, primers, case studies, workbooks, in-depth guides, buyers’ guides, etc.

Lee Pryke, Writer, Content Marketing


We live in the attention economy where a user’s attention is a scarce and valuable commodity. Organizations are successfully gaining the attention of their target market by creating explainer, how-to, product demo, whiteboard, review, customer testimonial, etc. types of videos.

Here is an explainer video about the Klusster Platform

Klusster Media


A podcast is an audio (sometimes video as well) form of episodic content where organizations and individuals talk about different topics that appeal to their target audiences. Since podcasts are auditory and don’t require active participation on the listener’s end, they are gaining in popularity.


A webinar is an effective lead generation strategy. Webinars help brands establish thought leadership by conducting live video sessions where experts talk about a specific topic. Although webinars require a good amount of planning, they yield excellent ROI. (return on investment)

The content experiences you create represents you, your brand, and your business. Therefore, plan your content experiences thoughtfully.