Thrive Collaborative Member Showcase

Thrive Collaborative Member Showcase

Each of our members has a personal story and a big WHY for what they do to help others thrive. This article showcases Yovana Russell of KYnamics.

I Have a Dream

When we first met, Yovana was working from a variety of community centres throughout Cambridge, Ontario. Teaching her fitness and dance classes to young and older clients and loving helping others with their fitness goals. KYnamics promotes & encourages active living through music, dancing, and Fitness.

Yovana had a DREAM

Yovana dreamed of owning her own studio where she could teach her classes and invite other to join in the fun. Yovana worked diligently to make this happen and never gave up on the possibility.

October 22nd 2016 her Dream came True.

KYnamics, Jovana Russell, dance fit

Grand Opening

KYnamics had their official opening on Oct 22nd and is ready for business getting everyone moving and active through music and dancing.

800 Franklin Blvd, Unit A 12-13

Cambridge, ON N1R 7Z1, Canada

Yovana says, "KYnamics is proud to be part of our beautiful city of Cambridge Active Movement and excited to now be able to continue promoting and encouraging the importance of keeping active and moving through music, fitness and dancing, especially for Older adults, Seniors and individual with disabilities".

Dance fit is a great way to get moving especially if you are just beginning your journey in fitness, feel you can't dance, are a little older and slower, or for anyone who wants to brush up on the Salsa, Tango, and the many other dance types Yovana teaches.

Here are some photos of her GRAND OPENING

KYnamics Cambridge

Cutting the Ribbon


Yovana and friends


Guests enjoying the Opening


Free Classes for othe Opening

Please contact Yovana to find out what classes are scheduled in her new Studio

When you keep on going and never give up


Congratulations from all the members of Thrive Collaborative Yovana!

Call Yovana: 519.804.7928

Visit KYnamics Website