Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly

Facing our fears, moving beyond that fear, and daring to live life greatly, enables us to thrive in all we do.

Facing my fears and moving beyond that fear is a daily practice, and everyday I get better and better.

At 55 my life was quite different than it is today. I played mediator in the story I wrote in my head, the one that fixed things rather than daring greatly to be the best version of me. Like the shoemaker with holes in his shoes, I didn't leave much time for me and it pushed me into retirement with changes to my entire lifestyle.

You never know what tomorrow will bring and the lesson learned from an illness that nearly put a stop to my life, was

  • that we come first in our life, and
  • cherish each day like it is your last.
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Facing our Fears

Fortunately, it was not my last day and after a month in hospital, I left ready to do whatever was necessary to fix me, and dare to live greatly, thriving instead of simply surviving. There was so much I wanted to learn, share, experience, and with my new attitude. The process was slow physically and even today it is an ongoing journey.

The mind is a powerful instrument and when the body is weak it can be strong enough until the body is ready.

The book, Daring Greatly; by researcher and thought leader Dr. Brené Brown, inspired me to take charge!

Daring Greatly

Today I Am the Director and Leading Lady in my Story.

Today life is about things I CAN accomplish. I have a plan of action in place and continue to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit, appreciating each step forward, feeding my mind with positive thinking instead of ‘stinkin thinkin’.

Officially retired, life is full of amazing opportunities, and days are busier than when I had a J.O.B., doing what I love, helping others, daring greatly, and living life FULL ON! A client sent me a thank you card that said, you are a boost of happy and it became my life purpose to be that ‘boost of happy’ for the people I work and play with everyday.

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Today I AM Daring Greatly

"I am a laser beam of love and happiness through my Art, Words, and Spirit." Lee Pryke

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Let's Dare Greatly Together, Lee Pryke, Klusster

Daring Greatly

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