When you least expect it a door of opportunity opens

When you least expect it a door of opportunity opens

A local Ontario Company with Local Founder. Ground breaking technology no one else has, in products that everyone uses every day. What could be better!

When the door opens -

From Lee Pryke, Director with VoxxLife,

"It has been a whirlwind of amazing opportunity this year for me. I wasn't looking for an opportunity, but isn't that when they say things show up? I found something that helped me personally and I realized how many other people it could help. I was tired of trying to teach people the how to's of a  wellness routine, whether it was a supplement, a protein weight loss shake, or other types products that take 30 - 90 days to see and feel a difference. I was tired of struggling to establish a residual income quickly and maintain it. That is why I left Direct Sales and Network Marketing for a few years. Then I found VoxxLife and in only a few months started to grow a team has grown to almost 200 amazing people doing the same thing. We call ourselves the VoxXenials because we are People Helping Other People."

When the Universe sends you something that works and it begins to attract others who get excited and as passionate as you are; and you see an income in your first month that grows rapidly every month....YOU PAY ATTENTION

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  • A local company with the Founder and Creator in ONTARIO.
  • Ground breaking technology no one else has. Something everyone uses daily. Has immediate results, at an affordable price point, with the freedom to purchase when you need with no AUTOSHIP.
  • Something everyone uses daily.
  • Has an affordable price point, with the freedom to purchase when you need with no AUTOSHIP.
  • IMMEDIATE results for balance, stability, range of motion to improve performance physically and mentally.
  • Clinical studies showing improved Neuropathy caused by Diabetes and Planters Fasciitis.
  • Financial rewards come quickly and grow consistently month to month with a unique pay plan.
  • Confidence to stand behind the products with a 30 Day Return Policy.


Jay Dhaliwal and his story of how this all began. His desire to help his mother with MS has created a product that has already helped 2 million people in only 2 years.

Jay Dhaliwal, Founder of VoxxLife

Our Team 2019 Goal

Our focus for 2019 is to share this opportunity with clinics and practitioners, athletes, aging community, and everyone in between who is looking for a simple and effective way to help improve others quality of life with this ground breaking technology.

THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE AND AN OPPORTUNITY TO be more informed of what is possible when you open the door ~

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