#happinessdialogue for #happinessday

#happinessdialogue for #happinessday

Do we need an official holiday to remember to be happy? The United Nations thought so. In 2012 the U.N. General Assembly proclaimed it's Official.

Happiness Day

Now in its fourth year, #internationaldayofhappiness is officially March 20th

If you google the word happy or happiness you will find a multitude of articles written on the topic. There are many websites dedicated to help others become happier and more joyful in their personal life and in the work place.

People like Shawn Achor, Author of Happiness Advantage and Before Happy, and Vanessa King, board member and organizational leader at Action for Happiness, the nonprofit group that partners with the U.N. to promote the International Day of Happiness.

People like myself, who have dedicated their work to helping others find their inner happy because it really begins with you and how you perceive your life and then it emulates out into the world through your positive vibration.

Studies from the field of positive psychology have found that our genetics and upbringing influence about half of our propensity for personal happiness, and that we are likely born with a happiness “set point.” But the other 40 percent is determined by our daily activities, a big enough percentage to significantly raise that set point and keep it there.

#happinessday #happinessdialogue

Fun Activities

According to the U.N. and Action for Happiness, raising our happiness set points should be viewed less as a basic right and more as a responsibility. We are all responsible for how we feel about what we do, and how we view our situations - good, bad or better, it directly reflects on how we go through our day.

If Happiness is a CHOICE then why not choose it over being miserable, grumbly, and sad.  I know I choose to look at every day and ask questions such as, What makes me feel good about this? What is the positive side of my action? Does this bring joy and happiness to my life?

This March 20th let's all be more responsible. Let's BE HAPPY!

Happiness Dialogue, Let's Be Happy

Let's Be Happy

Let's BE HAPPY and let the day be a way we can create more happy for ourselves, our family and our community! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Start the day with a positive intention, "Today is going to be a Fantastic Day" rather than waking up and thinking, "Ugh, my day is going to be so stressful",
  • Ask yourself, How can I bring joy to at least one other person today?
  • Practice gratitude.  Send a note to someone you care about and tell them why you are HAPPY and grateful they are a part of your life.

On March 20th arrange a happy dinner or a coffee date with some friends, take pictures, post them on your social media so others following you can see your smiles and feel your happy!

AND FOR TODAY or ANY DAY- Why Not just Get up and Dance! Here is a video showing the how to's to the Happy Dance by Pharrell Williams...

Happy Dance by Pharrell Williams


Here is the link to my Facebook Page celebrating International Day of Happiness....Come and join us!

Here is a GREAT GUIDE BOOK with the 10 Keys to Happier Living

Action for Happiness