March 20th #InternationalDayofHappiness

March 20th #InternationalDayofHappiness

Around the world, on this day, people are creating awareness of the value of being happy. Is it really possible a day can make a difference in the world?

Creating Awareness of the Value of Being Happy

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~William James

It may feel as if creating awareness of one day allocated to being happy could not possibly make a difference in the whole of things. Let't take a look at how one person feeling happy looks and what affect that has.....

There are two kinds of happiness, which I wrote about in another article  Hedonic or Eudaimonic Happiness basically discussing that one kind of happiness is short term, from a good thing happening; and the other kind derives from the lifestyle choices we make.

Let's look at a short term kind of happiness:

You get a call saying, "You just won the lottery!"

Immediately your heart begins to race, excitement starts to well up inside and at first you wonder if this is actually possible. You may start to scream out loud in enthusiasm or jump up and down. Once you know this is actually true, you tell your closest loved one(s) and they begin to scream with excitement and their hearts begin to race and maybe there are even tears of joy streaming all over the place. YOU have NOW shared this moment of happiness with a few others and before long more people know about it and now there are many people excited for YOU. More people happy.

The affect of this win could be a better lifestyle, a vacation with your family, a new car, becoming debt free - all of which effects your lifestyle and creates more happiness and joy over a longer period of time. Of course there are a lot of factors we are not getting into like how much, how you choose to use this money etc. BUT you can see how one simple thing can cause a ripple effect to those around you.

You have created a 'ripple of happiness beyond just YOU'

Ripple Effect, Happiness Dialogue,

Ripple Effect

Happiness Can Spread Among People

I found this article written by Rob Stein for the Washington Post in 2008. Happiness Can Spread Among People Like a Contagion, Study Indicates

Here is part of the article:

"Happiness is contagious, spreading among friends, neighbors, siblings and spouses like the flu, according to a large study that for the first time shows how emotion can ripple through clusters of people who may not even know each other".

"The study of more than 4,700 people who were followed over 20 years found that people who are happy or become happy boost the chances that someone they know will be happy. The power of happiness, moreover, can span another degree of separation, elevating the mood of that person's husband, wife, brother, sister, friend or next-door neighbor.

Previous studies have documented the common experience that one person's emotions can influence another's -- laughter can trigger guffaws in others; seeing someone smile can momentarily lift one's spirits. But the new study is the first to find that happiness can spread across groups for an extended period.

When one person in the network became happy, the chances that a friend, sibling, spouse or next-door neighbor would become happy increased between 8 percent and 34 percent, the researchers found. The effect continued through three degrees of separation, although it dropped progressively from about 15 percent to 10 percent to about 6 percent before disappearing".

Group Happiness, Happiness Dialogue

Group Happiness

Global Meditation

Have you ever been a part of a global meditation? You can find some on FACEBOOK . Here is a website called Global Meditation Network and this video will explain how Meditation benefits our overall quality of life and brings more happiness to our lives.

Meditation and Happiness

Happiness Dialogue

I invite you to share with me YOUR ways of finding and feeling more happiness on a daily basis. Do you have questions about how you can manifest more happy moments in your life? Do you understand how to turn a 'not so great' moment into a  moment of gratitude? As a Happiness Coach I am trained to assist with methods that work to increasing more happiness and joy every day in your personal life and in the work place. Let's start a Happiness Dialogue by clicking on the button right below, Let's Connect; you can send me your story, a questions, a concern and I will be happy to answer you withing 24 hours as it goes directly to my inbox.

You can also visit my website I AM I CAN and visit our Happy Place Wall

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Happiness Token

It All Begins with YOU - You are an amazing unique individual and YOU can make a difference in the world.

Be Happy, Be Well, Lee Pryke,

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