Because of You, We are a Movement!

Because of You, We are a Movement!

We've started a Movement, a Collaborative Movement of people working together to advance their passion and vision of success and thriving. Thank You.

Together Everything is Possible

Because of You, We are a Movement!

Start a Movement

I was on a coaching call about building your Succulent Wild Business and we discussed doing what you are passionate about and how to share it with the world in a bigger way. They said, Start a Movement.

What is a movement - a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

Steve Thode, Klusster Marketing

The first time I met Steve Thode, Founder of Klusster Marketing; I felt this was the place to build that Movement. His vision aligned with mine - to give a platform for local business to work together collectively helping each other be visible in the community and beyond, as a group of passionate people telling their story, engaging people and building trusting relationships rather than simply advertising and selling their product or services.

Steve Thode

It is about sharing your WHY

Your customers want to know WHY you do what you do. Your customers want to feel you are invested in their well being. When you build trust with your customers they see you as the expert. They want to participate with your business. They respect the fact that you are invested in what you do. When they read your story, a relationship forms and soon they become a part of your Movement!

Because of YOU......

...your trust in me and my vision of building e-Magazines with Klusster Media, we have started a Movement of businesses writing great content, sharing their WHY, and working together so everyone becomes more successful.

Because of YOU we have THREE magazines.

  • Thrive Collaborative
  • Healthy Choices Showcase
  • This is Galt in Business

I write this article in THANKS to all of you for showing up and taking a leap of faith in me, this amazing platform, and the team at Klusster Media who continue to enhance the system.

There is so much more coming in the New Year.

So many more upgrades based on the input from each one of you. This IS the way of the future for local businesses to grow and expand and stand out in the community and build a Collaborative Movement!

These are the amazing business members

Klusster, Thrive Collaborative, This is Galt in Business, Healthy Choices Showcase

It is only the beginning.....

I look forward to continuing to work together in the New Year with the New Platform that will only enhance and increase awareness of our businesses and WHY we are so passionate about what we do!

Lee Pryke

Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre

Lee Pryke, Thrive Collaborative, I Am I  Can

Sending you Love