Thrive Collaborative Member Showcase

Thrive Collaborative Member Showcase

Each of our members has a personal story and a big WHY for what they do to help others thrive. This article showcases Kim Galbraith and Enagic.

Kim Galbraith - Enagic

Kim Galbraith, Klusster, Thrive Collaborative, Enagic

Kim Galbraith

I am a Nurturer

i am a wife and mother of three beautiful children, Lisa-Marie, Jassica and Magnus. I have one cat which is a pet for my son who missed his sisters very much when they moved from home. Martin is fur brother!

I love to travel and hope to purchase a home among our friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, as well as enjoy my family. Lisa- Marie is getting married in June 2017 as she is ready for a child which is a highlight in my life right now. I hope to take my family away to beautiful places and spend much time with them in the future.



I Am a Nurse

I work at Hospice Wellington casual and part time at Sunnyside Long term care facility as a nurse. My grandparents were like my parents and I adored them which gave me my love of the elderly. I also have a selfish need to look after others and take great satisfaction in helping people ease pain or heal on many levels.

I believe I am a nurturer as well as a tool for others to open their minds and see in this time that our bodies are machines that are requiring rewiring of the brain when it comes to nutrition. More importantly to me, the importance of proper hydration for ridding our bodies of toxic waste stored for years and years wreaking havoc to our cells. Inflammation is the root of ALL disease and is caused by many factors, but environment and nutritional damage can be altered and in time this inflammation can be reduced to the point of disease reversal. Every single process in our body is done in water. Water loaded with heavy metals, chlorines, bacteria’s and carcinogens, or not enough water, are the cause of so much damage to our bodies......the only place we have to live.

My Passion for Enagic Water

What we cannot see in our water is killing us by speeding up the aging process. We do not see it, so we ignore it. I have 3 children. Lisa-Marie 27 who is joining the Enagic family in October! Jessica 25 who is a user at this time, and my 12 year old son, Magnus who is being raised to understand the importance of molecular hydrogen in regards to health along with much education on proper nutrition. I hope he can be a tool to enlighten his friends and their families as disease is hitting the population at a much earlier age. It is time to take a stand for the next generation.

I feel that there is far too much poison in our air and food. If we turn a blind eye, my grandchildren will severely pay the price..... along with their parents. It is time to take a stand as childhood diabetes, cancers, autism, you name it.... they are at a ridiculous rate in our land of plenty. It is ignorance whether unintentional or not......

Before I found Kangen water, I was researching the Santevia water system and had a mineral water stick to put into my water. I however learned quickly that alkaline water made that way simply wasn’t as therapeutic as I had originally thought. My friend Mandy who had been desperately ill many years and now an Enagic distributor, re-entered my life 2 years ago in October and it was a no brainer that the Enagic device was in fact one of the most effective ways to reverse oxidative stress and I bought a device immediately.

My Husband resisted until he say the change in me

My husband came home to it and had no idea what it was. Nor did he care..... he like so many thought that water is just water......after I started showing benefits myself, he told me to NEVER stop drinking it. Even my personality changed he said. With education and getting together with people who shared their health stories, my husband decided to purchase a device for his parents who have also benefited tremendously. This is becoming a family affair through improved health and small business venture. Financially life is also improving while being the health educator I have always wanted to be. North America has a different mindset than much of the world. Skeptical, brainwashed, and always looking for a deal..... many people have lost out on improved health due to this way of thinking. There are however MANY others who are on the same wave and understand and want to be a part of this global mission of health, wealth , and peace. We must also have peace in these troubled times. It starts with one family at a time.... or one person...... We can change the face of health.

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I want to inspire

I have a good friend who has finished chemo and drank the water right through. She sailed through it without any of expected side effects and have shocked her doctors. She will now take incredible amounts of our turmeric supplement and swears by the water. She is now passionate about sharing her water.

The long term health benefits we are seeing, are what make us want to work even harder at spreading our Enagic education. With all the research, education, and personal growth I have acquired since my move to Enagic, I truly understand the need for people to incorporate molecular hydrogen water into their daily lives. For drinking, cooking and cleaning. We actually save so much money over the lifetime of our device, on cleaning products, over the counter meds, etc. Not to mention the reduction of plastic in our world. That is another horrifying problem.

I would love to speak to you or you can visit my website for more information.

You can also read my articles in my Klusster Portfolio

Thank you to Klusster for giving me the space to share my passion and WHY I love what I do to educate, empower and help others THRIVE

Kim Galbraith,