31 Flavours of Happiness

31 Flavours of Happiness

Did you know there could be that many kinds of happiness? How do you choose? Can we have them all?

Good Day Happy People

This morning at 5:45 am I woke up dreaming of happiness and how many kinds of happiness there might be. A much better way to wake up then seeing a weird five headed monster chasing you down a never ending lane wouldn’t you say? It lead me to my computer, far too early in the day; in search of the answer and the good news is you now get to read what I found out.

The Science of Happiness

Last year when I took the course The Science of Happiness, at University of Berkley; we studied two types of happiness from a science perspective.

  1. Eudaimonic happiness associated with a sense of purpose or a meaning in life.
  2. Hedonic happiness as the result of “consummatory self-gratification” or happiness not associated with a purpose but rather a response to a stimulus or behavior.

In terms we may associate better with:

Fulfillment and Stimulation

Stimulation is what we feel when we socialize, eat tasty food, play sports, have sex, etc. Essentially, it’s the emotion we experience when we’re enjoying ourselves. It requires an external stimulus to activate this type of happiness. Once the stimulus goes away, the happiness eventually fades, too.

The other type of happiness comes from fulfillment. This is the emotion associated with achievement, selflessness and making a difference to those around us. Fulfillment is the end result of achieving something great. It’s harder to gain, but it’s self-sustainable. It remains present rain or shine, in sickness or health and in times of fun or strife.

Two types of happiness, now that makes it easy, I thought; until I dug a little deeper and guess what I found.

secret society of happy people

Secret Society of Happy People

Yes, in my search this morning I found a Secret Society of Happy Peope, and according to the founder, Pamela Gail Johnson; there are 31 types of happiness.

Pamela Gail Johnson, Founder

Pamela says, "Happiness is one of those experiences that we just know when it happens. If you need to think about whether you’re happy, you probably aren’t at that moment. After starting the Society I identified 31 Types of Happiness to make recognizing happiness easier. Sometimes happiness is the relief and satisfaction we get when we finish cleaning the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s watching a child or pet do something that amuses us. Or sometimes it’s obvious like going to a party. But, ultimately, happiness is around us and it’s up to us to recognize it."

They actually have a Happiness Counter with all 21 types of happiness listed that you can use to check in and see where you are with YOUR Happiness. Here is a picture of the Happiness Counter and if you wish to have your own you can check out the link to download your own copy.

Happiness Counter

happiness counter, secret society of happy people

Happiness Counter

So there you have it. I woke up thinking of happiness and found 31 ways I could be happy, and in writing this article I can check off, amused, awestruck, confident, content, helpful, hopeful, inspired, lively, joyful, optimistic, playful, and satisfaction. I think that is a pretty fantabulous way to begin my day.

How many can you tick on your Happiness Counter today......I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below and in closing....Have a HAPPY HAPPY DAY.

Lee Pryke, Happiness Coach


Secret Society of Happy People Website