Does your Work Spark Joy?

Does your Work Spark Joy?

Does your work Spark Joy? Do you feel happy going to work? Happiness leads to success not the other way around.

Does your work Spark JOY?

Imagine if we asked ourselves—does my work spark joy? Do I feel happy going to work every day? For some of us, work and joy in the same sentence may seem like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be.

Shawn Achor, Author of Happiness Advantage; talks about the formula for success in the work place.

Shawn Achor - Ted Talk

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do you gain meaning in your work?
  • What at your work leads you to do your best?
  • Where do you have joy in your work?
Joy At Work, Lee Pryke

Does your Work Spark Joy

As a Happiness Coach, I asked my clients what brought them joy at work and  here are their responses -

Great ways to spark more joy at your workplace.

1. Helping Others

“There’s nothing better than helping someone to reach their full potential and then watching them shine!”

Offer your guidance not only for work that needs to be accomplished, but also for career advice.

2. Giving & Receiving Recognition

“The icing on the cake would be that my work is appreciated and valued by others.”

Whether it’s giving positive feedback to colleagues or receiving it, recognize co-workers for a job well done—it not only brings them joy and boosts their productivity, it also makes you feel good.

3. Making Friends

“Colleagues who have become friends” and “people who care about your well-being and your work.”

Connect with people you enjoy. Seek out people who fill you up rather than those who drain your energy.

Joy At Work, Lee PRyke

Making Friends

4. Feeling a Sense of Responsibility

Making a difference by “delivering on a commitment that meets or surpasses the customer’s expectation,” and “creating something bigger than myself.”

Be the Change, any change - large or small - allows you to use your strengths even more.

5. Working with a Team

“Joy is being on a team that has a common mission and everyone is giving of themselves to accomplish the same goal.”

Look for opportunities to collaborate with others. If no joy can be found in your current job, it’s time to see what else is out there. Life is too short not to find joy at work.

What is Happiness

Everything in life is about feelings.

EVERYTHING. How you feel about your boss, your job, yourself, your colleagues, your company, your purpose and the value of your job are all critical for performance.

The number one thing that people want in life is recognition and acknowledgement. They want to FEEL SPECIAL.

Make people feel special – whether you are a leader, in sales, a parent, or just a human being! It is the number one quality for success – the ability to make everyone you meet feel special – authentically!

It is a WIN WIN at work and everywhere

win win solution, Lee Pryke

It is a Win Win

I chose to become a Certified Happiness Coach to provide the tools to create joy and more happiness at home and especially in the workplace where we spend the major part of our day.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of Service.

Lee Pryke, Author, Happiness Coach,

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