Sometimes You Have to Take the Leap...

Sometimes You Have to Take the Leap...

In these times of fear-based thinking, it's important to follow your heart, take the leap, and raise your vibration from fear to love.

"Sometimes you just have to take a leap - and build your wings on the way down." Kobi Yamada.

These are very stressful divisive times in our world. The mindset of so many is that of fear. Fear of what our future holds. Fear of illness, the loss of loved ones, memories, and things that are familiar.

The concern with this kind of low vibrational thinking is it sends a ripple effect to the world and the emotional effect on humans as a whole, especially sensitive individuals, and shows up in confusion, indecision, frustration, sadness, and a real discombobulation of thoughts.

So What do we Do About It?

We take a leap back into our brains where the thinking begins and give it a good shake up. We remember that everything starts with a thought and we have a choice how we think and how we react to those thoughts.

We re-write the story in our heads and edit the negative to fill up the space with positive. We remember there is goodness in the world, We remember moments that made us smile - we remember our accomplishments. We remember to LOVE.

We expand our vibration to a higher frequency.

In the book Power vs Force, written by David R. Hawkins M.D. PhD; it charts vibration by emotion. We want to be vibrating at 300 + and when we buy into fear we are down around 100. With such a low frequency of vibration, you can understand the challenge of being positive and happy amidst the chaos in our environment. When we are vibrating with love we are vibrating at 500!

Lee Pryke, Happiness Dialogue, take the leap

Power vs Force

What If...

...we acknowledge the current frequency of the world, accept that it is happening, and then be courageous enough to take the leap towards love, compassion, joy, peace. and being Happy!

If a million people's stinkin thinkin can have the effect of negativity and confusion, imagine what could happen if a million people, collectively, were mindful of their positive thoughts? A million people thinking happy, doing happy things, sharing happy thoughts?

"No problem can be solved with the same state of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein

Consider this:

When we are in a vibration of love:

  • We are better able to handle stress.
  • We build stronger immune systems.
  • We live longer.
  • Our hearts are healthier.

When you factor happiness into our mindset, it changes the world for the better...

  • Happiness is viral. It spreads.
  • Happy people don't pollute their source of life.
  • Happy people don't start wars or cut each other off in traffic.
  • Happy people have a huge positive impact on the world around them.

So let's work on raising our vibration and make a positive change in the world ~ NOW!

Lee Pryke, Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Boost of Happy

You will Become What you Think About

You will become what you think