Thrive Life Coaching Directory

Thrive Life Coaching Directory

When you accept the best in yourself, funny thing is - you get it! Sometimes in life we need a little guidance towards our best self.

Thrive Life Coaching Directory

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Looking for guidance to get you thriving in life and work, Thrive Collaborative can help you.

Danielle Joworski - Womens Leadership Catalyst

Danielle Joworski

Danielle Joworski

Danielle Joworski

I have the unique opportunity to build relationships with all generations of women - from young girls to grandmothers - empowering them to connect with themselves and each other as leaders, and learning how to empower other women or girls in their lives by communicating with them.

Using a collaborative, heart-centered approach, I support current, new and emerging leaders by helping them to better connect with and understand themselves as a leader.

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I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre

Life is about finding that little more happy every day leading to success in everything we do

As a Coach, Lee helps you discover that unique, one of a kind gift you have to offer the world, by being connected to your true passion. That ‘thing’ that makes you excited to get out of bed every day.

She will assist you in designing a plan to enrich all areas of your life working together to eliminate old paradigms to rediscover the authentic person you already are.

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Balanced Bloom

Providers of Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition Education and Coaching

At Balanced Bloom we Educate, Empower, Inspire and coach you to Build Balance in your life, in mind, body and spirit. We do this by helping you understand the connection between holistic nutrition, regular physical activity and listening to your body, so you can decrease physical and mental stress, increase health and happiness, and make positive lifestyle changes.

Balanced Bloom

Coach - Jessilyn McCash

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Institute for Harmonious Living

Holistic Life Coaching Education Center offering one on one, convenient personal empowerment sessions assisting with the attainment of a more harmonious, balanced existence.

Life Coach and Owner - Erin Kiers

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