Testimonials with VoxxLife Products

Testimonials with VoxxLife Products

Real People telling Real Stories of how VoxxLife HPT technology is improving their quality of life.


When you can see and hear the experience people are having with the VoxxLife HPT products, you can understand why almost 1 million people to date are using these products to improve balance, stability, and range of motion. The result of improving your core strength and posture is being in homeostasis or balance.

When the body is balanced and the spine is straight and stronger, a range of painful conditions decrease.

We have clinical tests on our wellness socks for Neuropathy caused by Diabetes and 980 out of 1000 people saw improved pain levels.

We have many wonderful stories on our Testimonial link on the website and you can watch a few below:

After wearing Voxxlife HPT socks for 2 days, Rebecca Naylor (Health Coach with Chronically Well Club) demonstrate the difference they made in her balance, coordination and strength. Warning: highly emotional

Rebecca Naylor - MS

Meet Daisy. She has been living with MS for over 20 years. Watch how the amazing technology of Voxx has helped with her

Daisy with MS and Tremors

Cristy Brown suffers from Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Arthritis and talks about how VoxxLife has improved her quality of life.

Chronic Lyme Disease

There are hundreds of people getting benefits for a variety of symptoms of pain. There are many athletes who are improving their game and sport using the products.

On Facebook there is a group called VoxxLife testimonials with over 20,000 members posting about their personal story. Check it out HERE

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