Practical Spirituality Part One

Practical Spirituality Part One

We want a meaningful and fulfilling life but life seems to be getting in the way. Are you frustrated? Let's look at a practical way re-focus the frustration.

Practical Spirituality

We want a meaningful and fulfilling life but life seems to be getting in the way. Are you frustrated?

Practical Spirituality is the process of becoming a more self-aware and whole person The idea is not to be a holy person; it's to be a whole person. Practical Spirituality is all about your own personal growth and development.

Practical Spirituality, Lee Pryke

It All Begins with YOU

Here you are, trying to build a meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself. But it seems like you’re forever caught up in the overwhelming small details of daily living.

  • You want to start your mornings with some quiet reflection, but the dog needs to be let out, the kids need their lunches packed, and you can’t forget to stop for gas on the way to work.
  • You’d love to make time for reading inspirational books, but you’re perpetually behind on your e-mail.
  • You would go out and connect with your spiritual community more if it weren’t for the other relationships you’ve been neglecting.
  • Not to mention the workouts you’ve been missing. Then there is the laundry that’s piling up. The deck needs fixing. Oh, and you really should call your sister back...

In short, you’d like to make more room in your life for practical spirituality, but there are just so many demands on your time and energy.

Here's a reality... It’s not time-consuming to be spiritual

You can practice it, of course, but at its heart, the practical spiritual life isn’t about ticking off a mandated list of to-do items. It’s about maintaining awareness of your inner world while being fully immersed in the outer life.

Practical Spirituality, Lee Pryke

Your Inner World reflects your Outer World

Practical Spirituality is about valuing and deeply connecting with whatever you hold sacred in yourself, other beings, and the vast, rich world you are a part of.

Actively cultivating appreciation keeps you focused on the positive. Your experience of life becomes more joyful, and this carries over into everything.

Here’s another reality..

You don’t need be religious to be spiritual. Spirituality can certainly exist within the context of religion, it doesn’t have to. You can be agnostic and spiritual. You can be adamantly non-religious and spiritual. Heck, you can even be an atheist and be spiritual.

I started in religion and for many reasons tried almost everything from atheist to agnostic on my search for spirituality until I realized I had it all the time. I knew that the religion I was raised in didn’t give me the answers I was looking for.

You just have to feel that there is something out there bigger than yourself.

Practical Spirituality, Lee Pryke

Want something bigger than yourself

My definition of Practical Spirituality

  1. You believe that something fundamental binds the world together, whether that’s God (by any name), some type of universal consciousness, nature, or the human spirit.
  2. You’re generally self-aware and inwardly working on yourself.You are doing something to improve the world around you.
  3. You are doing something to improve the world around you.

That’s it. Is it too simplistic? I don’t think so. I believe those are the basic ingredients of a practical spiritual world view. However, they don’t necessarily mean you have a spiritual practice, and I do think that’s important.


Because spirituality can offer you joy, peace of heart and mind, and a sense of meaning, but only if you stay focused on it. And with the way the mind works, it’s easy to lose that focus in the daily rush of events.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult or time-intensive to refocus yourself.

Speaking of time-intensive, this article is in TWO parts so you have the time to read and revisit the information when it is good for you to do so,

Part Two of this article is called:

6 Simple Ways to Practical Spirituality.

Six easy things you can do to understand and practice daily, after all,  Practical Spirituality is all about your own personal growth and development. I hope you will continue on to the next article. I am always available to talk

Thank you for reading this article and moving forward to living a meaningful and fulfilled life, Lee Pryke MPsy

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Practical Spirituality, Lee Pryke

Lee Pryke, Spiritual Teacher


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