What it means to THRIVE

What it means to THRIVE

Thriving happens when you have a life of purpose, vitality, connection, and celebration. Material possessions are not part of the recipe to thrive.

You know You are Thriving when...

Based on Barbara Frederickson’s Broaden and Build Theory, positive emotions can help us thrive within our lives. Broadening our awareness with positive emotions help us learn and grow, which then leads to developing skills and becoming more resourceful. This positivity compounds over time and eventually leads to an increase in well-being. While feelings of fear and anxiety help narrow our focus and sharpen our “fight-or-flight” response, positive emotions (ex. happiness, joy, contentment) help us expand our life instead of just trying to survive. People who are thriving tend to live longer and lead healthier lives.

It is important to feed our soul with inspiration with books, music, and positive words. I have a gift for YOU. I created a deck of Affirmation Cards that can be read daily for a quick boost of positivity.

Gift for you

The first five people who send me a message answering the question - What do you do to feel inspired and ready to thrive?  I will send  a deck of my Daily Thoughts Affirmation cards as my gift to you.

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Life Coach

Affirmation Cards

It's Your Time To Thrive

The following steps will guide you towards moving past Surviving towards Thriving!

Know yourself

People who are attuned to their own strengths and weaknesses are more able to clearly define what they enjoy doing every day. When you spend time learning about yourself, it reminds you how unique you truly are. Some people feel revitalized after alone time, while others need to connect and share to feel recharged.

Fill your day with activities that use your skills, strengths, & passions

Make two lists.

  1. The first one should describe everything you do each day.The second one should list the activities that you love to do.
  2. The second one should list the activities that you love to do.

Compare the lists and adjust so that the maximum time possible is spent on the activities that benefit your body, your mind, or your well-being.

Surround yourself with other thrivers

When you surround yourself with colleagues and friends who have big ideas and are doing something to make them happen, it motivates you to keep moving towards what you want.

Balance physically, mentally, and emotionally

Remember to balance your life. Eat well, sleep well, and make time for play. So many of us forget to be playful and take life so serious that it puts a stress on our physical and mental self. Make a play date for yourself to have fun and watch the endorphins fill your body with joy and happiness.

In the words of Maya Angelou,

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style."
Maya Angelou, My Mission in LIfe, Thrive Collaborative

Developing the resilience to turn crisis into opportunity will ultimately serve you in every area of life. Remember to treat yourself with the kindness, support, and encouragement you would offer to others.

Build yourself up. Cheer yourself on, and never doubt for a second that you are worth it.

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