A Boost of Happy

A Boost of Happy

The reality is life happens and not every moment is great. Don't try to be happy all the time it's not healthy. A little 'Boost of Happy' works just fine.

A grateful client looked at me one day and said, “Lee you are simply a ‘boost of happy’.” What a compliment, I thought; and so it became a part of my persona.

As a Happiness & Intuitive Life Coach, I meet people every day that want to know how to be happy or at least happier than they currently are. That’s the goal actually, finding a little happier NOT trying to be happy all of the time because unfortunately, that is not a reality. Some not so positive emotions are necessary to live a happy life because it grounds us in reality.

We have a plethora of emotions and it is important to acknowledge them and allow ourselves to express them. Yes, I have used the term ‘fake it till you make it; and it works in certain circumstances, however; sometimes you just have to feel sad, angry, frustrated or hurt. Holding these emotions at bay can be detrimental to our well being.


Life can Suck

The reality is life happens and it’s not all a bed of roses. Life moments can really suck and forcing yourself to be grateful in those time can also suck. It is natural to mourn the loss of someone dear to you, to feel guilt when you do something you know is wrong, to be angry when you see an injustice done, or disappointed when something doesn’t go your way.


You go out for dinner to your favourite restaurant, after a long week; and all you want to do is unwind, enjoy a good meal, and breathe. A family sits near with a small child who is not very happy about having to sit still and eat their veggies, and begins to fuss. Within seconds the whining turns into a full blown whale and the parents are doing their best to stop the child’s tantrum, but the reality is the child is upset and doesn’t really care about the fact you are trying to unwind. In this moment the child is expressing his feelings the only way he knows how.

child tantrum,

Child Tantrum

An immediate response might be, shut that child up, and of course the next emotion is guilt that you felt that in the first place, and maybe if the whaling continues your guilt turns into anger. Are you going to try to find something to be grateful about in this situation like:

  • The child is showing his independence isn't that cute!
  • What an amazing set of lungs that child has!
  • If the parents took the child out of the restaurant, we would be so grateful!

Life Happens

Life happens and as much as we diligently try to control our immediate environment, the world is a big place and not everyone feels the same. In fact, the majority of people have been conditioned to misery. The media feeds the public everyday with misery, pain, anger, and frustration. It boosts ratings but does not provide a boost of happy!

The good news is, we have a choice. If it were easy than there wouldn’t be so many books written on finding happiness or blogs and articles on the web, and I would be out of business.

Be aware of how you are feeling, experience the feelings, acknowledge it made you feel better to let it go and then you will be in a better mindset to be grateful and find a little more happy.

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I wrote an article about this you might enjoy Happier Not Happy All the time

Prevention Magazine wrote an article called, 2 minutes to a Happier You. They have come up with 14 quick fixes to change your mood and give you a quick ‘boost of happy’ like munching on nuts for a quick fix (loaded with omega-3 fats) which may make people less prone to depression.

There are hundreds of funny videos to make you laugh. When you laugh your brain releases dopamine, a natural opiate and much cheaper than Prozac!

Here is one that makes me smile and 6 million other people too.

So the final synopsis:

Be real, allow yourself to express what you are feeling in the moment and acknowledge it as OK. Then move on, let it go and be GRATEFUL you have the CHOICE to laugh or cry, sing and dance, find a little happier in the not so great moments and chuck it up to a learning experience. maybe even BE a 'boost of happy' for another person you meet today.

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boost of happy

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