The Power of Together - Increase Efficiency

The Power of Together - Increase Efficiency

Why Work Together? When we work together we increase the efficiency of the team.

Klusster is about The Power of Together

I ask the question, "Are you and Island or are you a Theme Park?'

As an Island, you are working solo, on your own. Yes, your ideas are your own; you may be able to focus better on your own, and you get all the credits. But in the world of Cyberspace, where thousands of little islands (individuals) are opting for the same results, it's easy to get lost in the mass.

Are you an Island or a Theme Park, We we work together, The Power of Together

Lost in the Mass

  • What sets you apart when two or more islands offer the same thing?
  • Do you know your Sweet Spot, that thing that makes you unique and stand out?

If you have a team or employees and everyone was off working on their own, how productive would the company be at the end of the day? When a client comes to visit, how do they get a feel of what your company is truly about when everyone is off doing their own thing?

Now let's look at a Theme Park

Avatar Theme Park, The Power of Together in Klusster

Avatar Theme Park

Definition of a Theme Park

A group of entertainment attractions, rides, and other events in a location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people.

Oh, wait a minute! -

Large numbers of people....

Is that not what we want to attract to our business?

Here are some great reasons why at Klusster, our MAIN ATTRACTION is working together with like-minded businesses to have large numbers of people come and enjoy our content, story, and WHY we are passionate about what we do!

Klusstering, The Power of Together

Main Attraction


In an article called Teamwork or Rowing the Boat Alone? the Author, Grethel Gahler; lists great reasons for teamwork OR what we are calling - Klusstering works.

Here are two:

  • Two heads are better than one: one person’s knowledge and abilities are limited, it could be hard for us to deal with difficult problems without others’ help. On the other side, every individual is different and has unique qualities. Individuals with different experiences and backgrounds increase the creativity of individual team members and the group as a whole. When members apply different skills they are often able to come up with a more effective solution than one person working on the same problem.
  • Personalities, who are able to work with a group of people in a team tend to communicate well with others.

The principle of working together should underpin how you operate in your business and in your marketing. It means involving people throughout the team in a creative role, to ensure that together you are all able to succeed.

Here is what Klusstering is about:

We succeed in our own business by collaborating or klusstering with other businesses to promote and share our vision and purpose on social media. We first write engaging content and then we share each others business and that is...

The Power of Together in Klusster

The Power of Together, Klusstering, Klusster,

The Power of Together

We are beautiful Theme Parks attracting large number of people to engage, and try what we have to offer. Does it get any better?

Here are a few of our Klusster Magazines with members that work together to build an amazing Theme Parks!

We always welcome businesses of like-mind and if you understand the importance of telling your story and social media, we would love to talk.

Be Well and Wise

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