Doodling is deep thinking in disguise

Doodling is deep thinking in disguise

Doodling is a simple tool for problem-solving and gives the brain bursts of new ideas and makes you feel happy.

Have you had days when you simply feel discombobulated?

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Grab a pad and pen or pencil and start to making circles, lines, boxes, triangles, a flowing squiggle and see where it takes you.

Research Shows That Doodling Helps People Stay Focused, Grasp New Concepts and retain Information. Sue Shellenbarger wrote The Power of Doodle:Improve your Focus and Memory for the Wall Street Journal and states: "A blank page also can serve as an extended playing field for the brain, allowing people to revise and improve on creative thoughts and ideas." ARTICLE

When I have those days when the brain feels like it went on vacation I begin to doodle and before I know it my creative juices are flowing. I find myself in a happier place. Here are some examples of some of my abstract drawings. The first step is to draw a larger free hand squiggle on a page. Then start filling in the spaces and see what materializes.

Doodle Art, Lee Pryke

Burst of New Ideas

Doodle Art, Lee Pryke

Great for Problem Solving

Sometimes I watch videos on YouTube about Doodling or Zentangle Patterns and see if I can duplicate them.

Here is a great video with different patterns you can use in your doodle art.

The Art Geek

One day I wrote the words The Joy is in the Journey then took my ruler and pen and started drawing lines. This is what happened....

Doodle Art, Lee Pryke

The Joy is in the Journey

Do Business on the Phone?

Research published in 2009 found that participants who doodled while listening to a phone call were able to recall 29 percent more information afterward than those who simply took notes. The Huffington Post shared 5 benefits of Being A Doodler

Here is one of my PHONE CALL Doodles. It was a productive call with doodles on one page and notes of the call on the other. Yes, I made the connection both with the person on the phone and the benefit of doodling while doing business on the phone.

Doodle Art, Lee Pryke

Phone Call Doddles

The next time you get discombobulated pick up that pen or pencil and give your brain an extended playing field.

My work as a Certified Happiness Coach is to give my clients tools to inspire them to a place of calm so that problem solving becomes effortless. What better way than to have them Doodle. - Deep Thinking in Disguise

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