Harmony HPT Neuro Patch

Harmony HPT Neuro Patch

Harmony HPT Neuro patches provide all the benefits of Voxx HPT technology, including more energy, enhanced pain management and better mobility.

HPT Harmony Patch

Committed to innovation - the HPT patch is designed and with handy split back peel for easy application with a resealable plastic pouch - easy to slip into purse or pocket!

Same HPT Human Performance Technology.as our VoxxLife Socks and Insoles, these 24-hour patches, placed on the inside of your forearm, provide all the benefits of Voxx HPT and can be worn easily and inconspicuously no matter what the daily activity.

Wear one every day, or if you already love the benefits of Voxx socks or insoles, have them handy for those days you just need to ditch the footwear and wiggle your toes!

The Voxx Harmony HPT Neuropatches are:

• Drug Free

• Non-Invasive

• Non-Electrical

• Chemical Free

• Provide Immediate Benefits

• Easy to Use

• Comfortable to wear

• Inconspicuous

• Affordable

• Water Resistant

Feel Well Live Well, HPT Voxxlife, Lee Pryke

Harmony HPT Neuropatch Benefits

• More Energy

• Enhanced Pain Management

• Better Mobility

• Reduced Fall Risk

• Improved Stability and Balance

10 Harmony HPT Neuropatches per package.

Contents: Hypo-Allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive patch

Latex free

Single-use only. Effective for 24 hours.

To Try the Patch for FREE please fill out the attached form and I will send you a few samples to see how they work with your body and brain.

You can purchases from my website and have them shipped directly to you

Please note - Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final. Patches are not refundable.