Value of a Coach or Mentor

Value of a Coach or Mentor

There are times in life when a Coach or Mentor is vital to moving us towards our goal of being the best version of ourselves personally and professionally.

Value of Coach and Mentor

Life Coach

As a life coach you are similar to a sports coach, except you’re helping people succeed in the game of life. You bring out the best in people who are struggling, and help them learn how to succeed. The purpose of coaching is to actively and efficiently help a client achieve certain goals. This creates a formal, short-term relationship between the life coach and the client. These relationships usually end when the client has learned what they need to know and has achieved a specific goal.

Of course, the client can always return if they need coaching for another issue.

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Life Coaching


Mentors, on the other hand, are like informal teachers to a mentee (client). They are usually more concerned with awakening the person’s inner potential for learning and action, as opposed to helping them achieve specific results.

In my more imaginative thinking, a mentor is like a wizard. Think of Merlin or Professor Dumbledore. They don’t give up all the answers or tell you what to do. Instead, they guide you to the answers with problem solving and the use of metaphors and story-telling.

The role of a mentor is all about effectively passing on knowledge and experience. Mentorship can be formal However, the relationship between mentor and client is almost always long-term.

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In summary:

Life Coaches

1. Excel in a specific subject, ability or skill.

2. Usually have short-term, formal relationships with the client.

3. Help the client learn how to achieve goals, challenging the individual while providing support for immediate issues.

4. Use structured methods to guide behaviors and outcomes.


1. A treasure-trove of valuable knowledge and life experience.

2. Guide and support the mentee (client) through personal growth and understanding.

3. Generally maintain an informal and long-term relationship.

4. Are generally less active while “holding the space” for the mentee (client) i.e. listening, sharing ideas, problem solving.

My Objective

My objective is to enrich and guide my clients towards discovering their true essence, a strong sense of self-worth and self-love within themselves now, exactly as they are in the process of their life journey.

To be comfortable with who you are is the first step in being a great teacher, mother, executive, leader, or entrepreneur.

It begins with understanding your core values, knowing your strengths, acknowledging your weaknesses and moving forward towards establishing boundaries, and owning your personal power.

In other words, being the best version of oneself.

It All Begins with You.

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It All Begins with YOU

Being Happy and Joyful at the core of your being.

Lee Pryke, MPsy, Happiness Coach and Mentor, Spiritual Teacher,