How does HPT work with the Brain?

How does HPT work with the Brain?

VoxxLife combines the best modern technology with decades of research in neuromuscular science to help achieve your wellness goals, without invasive treatments.

VoxxLife  HPT is a special tactile pattern that activates neuroreceptors on parts of your body to reduce aches and pains. In short: it keeps you feeling your best so you can achieve more every day.

How does it Work?

It starts with a special tactile pattern known as Voxx HPT

This pattern is specially woven into each of our wellness and performance products. Contact with it triggers a neural response in the brainstem that helps manage pain, as well as improve mobility and balance.

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1. Trigger a response

When you wear one of our socks, insoles, or patches, contact with the Voxx HPT pattern triggers a neuro response that sends information from the receptors on the bottom of your feet (or the inside of your forearm) to your brainstem.

2. Affect the body

After processing that information, the Central Nervous System (CNS) distributes commands to your peripheral nervous system, affecting various functions in your body, from pain regulation to motor control and balance.

3. Feel the difference

The effect is instant, ranging from improved balance, mobility and pain management to better energy level and recovery process, ultimately a happier, healthier life.

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What HPT Does for You

Better balance & mobility

Gain the postural stability needed to maintain proper balance and footing for greater range of motion and reduced risk of injury.

Increased energy

Feel more energized to take on anything— from a challenging hike to a casual walk around town.

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Enhanced pain management

Like the 940 who successfully reduced their foot pain in an independent study of 1,000 participants, Voxx HPT helps you tackle daily routines head on with lasting, all-day comfort.

Faster recovery

Exercise with the confidence you can push yourself further and recover more quickly—and fully—after every workout.

Neural health

100% of the participants in an independent study experienced an average 36% increase in overall brain optimization with the help of Voxx HPT products.

wearable Neuro Technology, VoxxLife, Lee Pryke

Lee Pryke

Holistic Practitioner with  Voxxlife