#365 Happy Days Project

#365 Happy Days Project

What if we committed to sharing things that make us happy, do you think we could shift the vibration in our world? I am about to try....Join me.

You deserve to be happy.

Your happiness is partly up to you, and partly determined by circumstances not under your control, such as your society and genetics. While some believe that the percent of your happiness that is up to you is set, other research indicates the percent of your happiness that is up to you, genetic or circumstantial is fuzzy. That does not mean you can't develop skills to substantially change your happiness level.

Happiness Is A Choice, Happiness Dialogue, Lee Pryke, 365 Happy Days Project

Happiness Is A Choice

We know through research and studies that keeping a gratitude journal affects our emotions and helps us feel better about what might be an otherwise challenging day. It is a reminder that every day has moments of good things going on around and within us. It trains our brains to think in a more positive way. The key, as with most things we succeed in; is ...


Every day when we make the time to read, watch, listen or do something that makes us feel better and a little happier, it becomes a positive habit, a routine like brushing your teeth every morning.

I love Marie Forleo's FIVE tips on being Consistent....

Marie Forleo

I have been keeping Gratitude Journals for some time and in fact published one as a guide to forming a gratitude habit.

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge and more....

365 Days of Happy Moments

My Project is to record each day one special moment, thought, video, writing, or daily experience in a group on FaceBook and that way share it with my readers and followers. It is my intention that others may be inspired to join in and begin to create a 365 Happy Days Project.

Please go and visit my FaceBook Group 365 Happy Days Project for my daily posts.


Happiness is a CHOICE and IMAGINE for a moment if for the next 365 days you actively pursued one thing each day that made you feel better. Imagine if each day you looked for something to smile about rather than get caught up in a sensational news report on the latest tragedy happening. Imagine if the next time you are feeling stressful you STOPPED took a few deep breathes and thought about a moment in your life that made you smile, laugh, feel butterflies in your tummy.

Imagine, 365 Happy Days Project, Lee Pryke, Happiness Dialogue


I can guarantee your stress levels will drop significantly and IMAGINE if every single day for the next 365 days you had a moment like that!

I am excited to be practicing my skills in consistency by posting every day and looking forward to sharing how my levels of happiness and my life as a whole looks and feels in 365 days. I hope you come along with my on this new journey. Lee Pryke

Here is a HAPPY VIdeo to Raise your Happy Meter

Happy Video

Thank you for dropping by, I hope you feel a little happier now and I hope you follow along with me on this journey.

You can share your ideas with me by sending me a note below. Click on the button and Share your HAPPY Action.

Choose Happiness, 365 Happy Days Project

#365 Happy Days Project

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