Doodling is good for the Brain

Doodling is good for the Brain

Long dismissed as a waste of time, doodling is getting new respect. Showing up in the most incredible art forms, it turns out doodling is good for the brain.

Doodling for the Brain

As a child I doodled on my school note books and the teacher would tell my parents that if I stopped day dreaming, I would be an ‘A’ student. I was told to stop doodling and pay attention. Throughout the years, I continued to doodle and despite the teacher’s lack of belief in my ability to pay attention, I went on to get a Masters in Psychology.

Doodling is getting a new Respect

Long dismissed as a waste of time, doodling is getting new respect. Showing up in the most incredible art forms, it turns out doodling is actually good for the brain.

For me, doodling came back into my life when I realized I was working too much and not having enough fun. I joined a journal art night and found that creating fancy words and designs in my journal was improving my focus and the mind chatter of the day melted away. I call it Creative Meditation in Action and now host classes teaching the power of circles, squares and squiggles turning into magical art pieces allowing the creative genius in each one of us to thrive.

This is one of my pieces designed from a free hand squiggle...

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Artist and Doodler, Lee Pryke

Doodling helps you focus and retain information

Recent research in neuroscience, psychology shows that doodling can help people stay focused, grasp new concepts, and retain information. A blank page also can serve as an extended playing field for the brain, allowing people to revise and improve on creative thoughts and ideas.

Doodles are spontaneous marks that can take many forms, from abstract patterns or designs to images of objects, landscapes, people or faces. "It's a thinking tool," says Sunni Brown, an Austin, Texas, author of the book, "The Doodle Revolution." It can affect how we process information and solve problems, she says. Brown is an ardent champion of the practice of doodling, saying in her TED Talk, “the doodle has never been the nemesis of intellectual thought. In reality, it is one of its greatest allies.”

Sunni Brown Ted Talk

I am more than a doodler, I am a Artist

A few years ago I drew the best ever stick people, and i never considered it would be anything else.  Today I am an artist, and it all began in those early years when I was discouraged from doodling but did it anyway!. When I am stressed from the day or feeling discombobulated, I grab my pad and I begin to doodle, life becomes a sweeter place, and my brain thanks me.

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Fair Maiden by Lee Pryke

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