I Am That, I Am The Moses Code

 I Am That, I Am The Moses Code

The Moses Code gives us a new perspective to consider. Do we truly understand how we are all connected, how we are one with each other?


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In my quiet moments of reflection and meditation I begin with I Am That I Am with the understanding that as I speak and feel the vibration of the words, I Am in this moment connected to Source in Divine Oneness.

I Am That I Am was spoken to Moses some 3500 years ago and by definition translates as the name of GOD.

James F. Twyman wrote the book The Moses Code in 2008, and recently I watched the Moses Code Film. The documentary includes many of my favourite thought leaders, Michael Beckwith, Neal Donald Walsch, Les Brown, Greg Braden, and more...

The words have now taken on an even deeper meaning when reference is made to how we say these words. When we understand what the CODE is and how it changes the depth of these words. It has changed how I see and feel everything around me.

The CODE is a comma. Yes a comma. I Am That, I Am. Try saying it. I Am that – pause - I Am

To understand the impact of the comma the film talks about understanding the three keys. I Am is the name of GOD so what does GOD stand for:

G – Giving - giving and receiving

O –Oneness – seeing the world through insight rather than eyesight

D – Destiny – something in all of us to discover and understand which completes us

We speak of GOD being all things, everywhere, a oneness that connects each and every person on the planet, every tree, every flower, everything, everyone, but do we truly grasp the profound power of this. Can we really be connected to all that is? Can GOD be within each one of us? Are we GOD?

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I Am That, I Am

After watching this film I created a personal mantra that enables awareness for me to know and understand the presence of GOD in all I Am. You can listen to it at the end of this article.

Each of us decides on the life we live and so I will simply add the film for you to watch so that you can answer some of these questions or understand your world in a deeper more beautiful way.

James F. Twyman

We are ONE and I feel that each one of us is connected with beautiful ribbons of energy.

Oneness, Connection, I Am I Can, Mose Code

Connecting Ribbons

I would love to hear from you and how you felt about this film, did it resonate with you, did you feel differently about your belief after watching it, do you have a different perspective of the meaning of the words I Am That, I Am. Please feel free to write to me by clicking on the tab below Talk to ME.

Here is my new daily Mantra:

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