Live Happy through the Holidays

Live Happy through the Holidays

Forget expectations and celebrate the imperfect moments that pleasantly surprise us. Be Happy through the Holidays.

Live Happy through the Holidays

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My favourite happiness experts Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan, wrote some great tips in Live Happy Magazine that I thought I would share.

We set such high expectations for ourselves especially if we have been designated the one to create the perfect Christmas Dinner and this can add so much stress to an already stressful time of the year. We worry about having the perfect meals, wear the perfect clothes and, of course, get the perfect gifts.

Imperfect Surprises

Let’s remember that the most enjoyable times come from those imperfect moments that pleasantly surprise us. It is a time of JOY and we want to do it without the added stress of wanting everything to be perfect, so that we can spread more joy among our friends and family.

Live Happy through the holidays


Eat the whole Pumpkin Pie.

Making a to-do list that includes easy wins becomes motivational fuel for your brain. We are planning to eat a whole pumpkin pie over the holidays. When writing your to-do list, include items you may have already accomplished or are guaranteed to tackle. If you know you are definitely going to eat a whole pie or stock the wine fridge ahead of a big celebration at your house, put those on your list as items to check off. A series of studies from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business found that if the brain perceives it is closer to the finish line, it works harder and faster, which makes you better prepared to accomplish more.

Live Happy through the Holidays

Pumpkin Pie

Make 'em cry

Make a list of family and friends you’d like to bring to tears, and then each day write one person a handwritten note to make it happen. Taking just five minutes, tell them why you are grateful for them and how they have made your life happier over the past year. Be specific. This is the perfect way to meaningfully touch their hearts and spread love to those you care about most. Additionally, this dose of conscious gratitude is good for you. A study at the University of Pennsylvania found that writing a gratitude letter and delivering it in person caused the giver’s happiness levels to jump dramatically and last for up to a month.

thank you notes, life happy through the holidays

Thank You Notes

Get Santa's greatest hits

Santa doesn’t reinvent the wheel each year. He has his greatest hits and sticks with them. In order to make this year’s holiday prep easier on you, ask yourself what you did last year that went really well, and build upon those successes. If your sugar cookie recipe was the rage, stick with it. If you found gift bags easier and prettier than wrapping presents with paper, go with what you know. Understanding our strengths and how to leverage them is central to positive psychology. It’s the key to achieving more in less time with less work. For instance, your zest can bring out others’ excitement and sense of fun, while your perseverance allows you to stay focused while preparing a complicated dish. Since people love traditions, they will come to know what they can expect from you each year.

Live a Happier Life through the holidays

Sugar Cookies

This is to me one of the MOST IMPORTANT tips

Receiving is as important as Giving

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than receive, but the saying misses an important corollary:

How you receive matters a lot to the giver’s happiness.

If you receive well, your reaction to a gift can actually be a gift in and of itself. The problem is that many of us can’t receive gifts without our brains producing negative thoughts such as, “I’m not worthy of this present” or “Now I feel indebted to her.”

Think about it:

We’re happier when others are excited about our gifts and respond with joy and gratitude. So by subtly changing our ego-driven thoughts of guilt to “I am so grateful to her not only for the present, but also the friendship it represents,” we fuel greater levels of happiness for both the giver and ourselves.

That way, when Aunt Helen surprises you with a matching reindeer sweater, you can be genuinely grateful for her love—and the adorable pictures the two of you can take together to cherish for years to come.

reindeer sweater

matching reindeer sweaters

Live Happy through the holidays and beyond, be giving, love all the imperfect moments and be pleasantly surprised with how stress free this season will be.

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In closing, here is a little song for you to sing along to and BE HAPPY through the Holidays

Reindeer Song

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