Happy in a Handbag

Happy in a Handbag

Small enough to fit in your favourite bag, big enough to inspire you on those days you need a little 'boost of happy'. HAPPY IN A HANDBAG!

Come from a Place of Happy

​I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre

All that I’ve learned through life experience; academically, metaphysically, and professionally looks somewhat different. Yet, when you connect the dots; the message and vision are united - love for self to become the best version of me, and love for others, to help them do the same. Find a little happy in what you do and the connections you make, every day.

My background is diverse and I’ve donned many ‘hats’ which often raises the question,

“What is it that you do exactly?”

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre

Boost of Happy

I AM a Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Happiness Coach, and mentor.

"My work guides others to step into their power, be their best, and find true success."

My Mission...

...to help others raise their perception of self love so that they excel on their life journey, with more ease and flow. When we know who we are and honour our gifts and talents, we work from a place of passion and love for Self and others. We step into our personal power and become the best versions of ourselves. We feel positive and happier with who and where we are, and that is SUCCESS.

When I write, speak, teach and coach, my purpose is to inspire and encourage others to use the experiences and lessons they have been given to grow and expand to become their best self. My business, is to help other thrive and feel happier.

My love for Writing

At an early age my mother told me I had a way with words. She told me when I was a tween, I wrote a letter to my father, when he was facing his personal daemons; that empowered him to take the necessary steps to follow a path of sobriety.

Sometimes it is easier for me to write down my feelings than to speak them and a few years ago I decided I was brave enough to begin the journey of writing books that would inspire me with hopes of inspiring others.

"The teacher teaches what they need to learn."

If you are anything like me there are piles of books in your home waiting to be read. I love buying books however I don't always have the time to read a thick book and so I decided that when I wrote it would be:

  1. Small books like a journal. It would help others shine and you could carry it with you for those days when you needed a little 'boost of happy'. It would be a series of topics that enriched and empowered from the inside out because I believe, It all Begins with YOU. When we know who we are and love that person we succeed in all areas of living life full on.
  2. You could read it in an hour. It would be fun.
  3. It would be fun.
  4. It would make you a little happier.

Happy in a Handbag

lee pryke, happy in a handbag

Happy in a Hand Bag

With all this in mind the Series Happy in a Handbag was born.

My first book is called, What If Just for Today....a journal of endless possibilities. Inspired by my grandson and his art from school when he was 3 and 4 years of age. He showed me the importance of making time to have fun and do things that nurtured the creative side. It has his art as well as some of my first pieces and is a Positive way of looking at the words WHAT IF.

You can purchase it on AMAZON

Here is a trailer a great friend created for me

What if Just for Today

It's taken me a few years...

...but I am pleased to announce MY second book in my series Happy in a Handbag.

My I Am Journal

of the amazing, brave, courageous person I AM

book, lee pryke, i am i can, author

My I Am Journal

"This journal is an invitation to bring out the best version of You. It is a guide filled with tips and exercises on building self worth and confidence, by understanding the power of thoughts and the words we use to create the world around us.

Within each one of us is an amazing, brave, courageous person and this journal will walk you through some of the major areas towards manifesting the joy of being the Best Version of You and making your dreams a reality."


"I am blessed to be in a position in life to write, play, inspire and live my life helping others." Lee Pryke

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