Elevated Mind Technology™ Good for your body-Good for the Environment

Elevated Mind Technology™ Good for your body-Good for the Environment

Elevated Mind Technology™ paired with our commitment to sustainability means you can feel good while you do good.

Elevated Mind Technology™.

Whether you are working from home or challenged by the current events in the world, having a sense of optimism is critical for our health and wellbeing.

This amazing technology is woven into socks, in the form of a tactile pattern, which triggers a neural response in the brain to create feelings of joy and optimism, entirely naturally.

While you are wearing the socks you begin to feel a better version of yourself—happy, conscious, and connected—and joy that how they are made is a step towards a better future for us all. Every pair reclaims of an average of 3 plastic bottles from the environment.

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

The journey begins with the reclamation process, where plastic bottles are collected, cleaned and sent to the regeneration facility. Here, they are transformed into a high-quality and durable thread that gives these socks their unmatched comfort. Even the packaging uses recycled materials because our aim is to infuse impact in every step.

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

Every pair plants a tree

Our planting program focuses on global reforestation, creating cleaner air and healthier ecosystems. We started the program planting 200,000 trees. You can be a part of restoring the balance of our environment and that is another reason you will feel joy and optimism.

Together with our partners, we’ve removed thousands of plastic bottles from the environment and have committed to planting 1,000,000 trees by 2022.

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

How It works

Trigger a Response - When you wear Boomhi socks, contact with the EMT pattern triggers a neuro response that sends information from the receptors on the bottom of your feet to your brain.

Affect the Body - After processing that information, the Central Nervous System distributes commands to your neural networks, affecting various functions in your body—including mental states.

Feel the Difference - Immediately feel more joyful and optimistic. Take a deep breath, put one foot forward, and take on your day with conscious clarity.


• Elevated Mind Technology

• Arch Support

• Flat toe seam

• Targeted cushioning

• Reinforced heel area

• MESH zones

• Antimicrobial

• Wicking

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded. To facilitate a return, please email returns@voxxlife.com with your order number and a VoxxLife team member will assist you.

97% Polyester, 3% Spandex. Machine wash on cold cycle only, wash with like colours only, do not bleach, dry away from direct sunlight, do not tumble dry.

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