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Quran for children

Undeniably, the Quran is the supreme source of guidance and is the absolute truth of Muslims. The Quran contains Islamic beliefs and Muslims live their entire lives according to these beliefs. A better life in this work and the other world can be achieved by spending life in the light of the Quran. The Quran and its significance are unknown to children, so Muslim parents are obliged to develop their interest in the Quran for their children because the Quran for children is very important. Upon completion of interest, there is a greater chance of a better understanding of the Quran and then learning by force. Therefore, teaching the Quran to children with attention is imperative.

Developing children's interest:

Just like reading other books, interest in learning the Quran can be done in children. However, the sanctity of the Quran must not be violated and respected while building attention in Quan.

Here are some tips for Muslim parents to develop the interest of the Quran:


Diversity is the first thing that helps develop interest in learning the Quran for children. Diversity does not mean teaching anything other than the Quran, but teaching the Quran in different ways. For example, the Quran can be read in one day, and on another day, the recitation of the same verse can be considered and on another day, a verse can be memorized. Attention is guaranteed, and boredom is eliminated in a variety of ways.


Keeping children interested in learning the Quran by making the process or learning a bit entertaining. There are a lot of ways to keep learning Quran entertaining for kids. For example, after telling stories from the Quran, parents can ask different questions as a quiz. Moreover, parents can tell them about some stories in the Quran and ask children to read the whole stories themselves. In the Quran to solve children, storytelling and competitions can keep children interested and enable them to continue learning.


Ensuring consistency in learning the Quran is a very important aspect in learning the Quran for children. Parents should make sure that the learning schedule has been planned, and a specific time for learning the Quran is given by the children in the table. Consistency must be ensured even if it is just one verse that children learn every day. This helps children stay in the habit of learning and there is no gap in learning the Quran. Parents must develop an appropriate plan before beginning the process of learning the Quran because it will be useful in future learning.

Take advantage of Islamic applications

Engaging technology, i.e. Islamic inclinations, is another way to make learning Quran fun for your children. Learn Quran Acaemy offers a wide range of Islamic education apps for mobile users as well as online teaching lessons, to make learning more interactive with your kids. As needed, you can choose from a full list of Islamic learning app for Android and iOS.

Benefits of the Holy Quran for Children:

With regard to religious, spiritual and global aspects, the benefits of the Quran cannot be calculated. However, here are some of the benefits children gain in learning the Quran:

Islamic Education:

The Quran is very useful for children as they learn about their religion / Islam at an early age, and they can start learning about Islamic beliefs from an early stage that will be implemented in the latter part of their lives.

Family bonding:

Parent-child links can be increased when parents are interested in learning the Quran for children. Parents' respect in Islam is recognized and the basis for healthy parent-child bonding is established. Spiritual health also increases in the family.


In short, the Learn Quran for children is imperative from an early age. This also does not mean that forcing children to learn the Quran, instead, parents should use different ways to make learning the Quran easier and fun for their children. Sign up for a 3-day free trial class.