LDB: Streamlining Logistics Operations at All the Major Ports in India

LDB: Streamlining Logistics Operations at All the Major Ports in India
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Effective and efficient container tracking is one of the most important aspects associated with the modern logistics industry.

Primarily, the impression that we get from a container tracking device or system is that it tracks the containers or vessels of the shipping companies traveling across the globe. But, in reality, things are different than they appear to be. A modern container tracking system is much more than just a container tracking device. It provides the shippers with comprehensive information, be it container train truck transit analysis or port lead time.

Real-time container tracking is a matter of minutes now

Modern container tracking systems witnessed a complete transformation after the launch of high-speed wireless internet services across the country and the world. Gone are the days when containers were tracked manually by a team of so many people putting in a lot of effort, energy, and time. The new-age container tracking system has made tracking possible in real-time within seconds, be it getting instant insight into container train truck transit analysis or port lead time.

Putting everything on the shippers’ fingertips

NICDC Logistics Data Services (NLDS), formerly DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) deployment of Logistics Databank System (LDB) is the first container tracking system in India that has incorporated IOT (RFID technology), BIG Data and Cloud-based solution in container tracking, making the entire framework a premium asset for all those shipping their products both within the country and abroad. The Logistics Databank System (LDB) is a technologically very sound and robust system with the unmatched capability of integrating crucial information available with numberless agencies across the globe.

Be it normal container tracking, container train truck transit analysis, container dwell time, or port lead time, the system has put everything on the fingertips of the shippers. Presently, the LDB system is covering India’s 100% container volume and more than 30 million containers have been tracked with the use of the system.

Some of the ways LDB has helped shippers apart from just container tracking

As discussed earlier too, the role of an effective and efficient container tracking system cannot be confined only to the tracking of the vessels. The system is also performing the following tasks making the shipping business a breeze:

  • Empowered the shippers to take quick decisions according to the real-time situations and scenarios
  • Provided better governance and complete transparency across the supply chain
  • Helped in making accurate performance evaluation of ports, Inland Container Depots (ICDs), Container Freight Stations (CFSs), and the entire supply chain
  • Bettered the overall performance of the logistics chain, with the shipment, warehousing, and cargo consolidation
  • Improved dwell time, container train truck transit analysis, and container dwell time.

Concluding Remarks

Logistics Data Bank (LDB) is the most dependable single-window tracking solution in India covering the country’s 100% container volume. Recently, the promoters behind the system have extended the LDB services to Nepal and Bangladesh after obtaining the green signal from the Land Port Authority of India (LPAI) to install the RFID readers at Integrated Check Posts (ICPs) at India-Nepal and India-Bangladesh border, bringing the shippers of these countries ease of container tracking, and container train truck transit analysis.