Logistics Databank System (LDB): A Panacea for Shipping Business Operators

Logistics Databank System (LDB): A Panacea for Shipping Business Operators
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With technological progression in every walk of life, the logistics industry in India has also witnessed a sea change.

Container tracking solutions, the most crucial part of the supply chain in the logistics industry, have also undergone a complete transformation right from manual tracking to the penetration of RFID and cloud-based technology. Today, be it APM container tracking or container tracking Cosco, everything can be accomplished under a single window.

Multiple benefits through a single resource

Running on the new-age technology such as RFID technology and cloud-based solutions, today’s container tracking systems have not only improved performance in the logistics chain in the country but also provided detailed near real-time visibility of EXIM container movement. The role of modern container tracking solutions cannot be confined only to the tracking of containers. With an effective and efficient container tracking system in place, the predictability and optimization of the operations can be achieved well via APM container tracking and container tracking Cosco with the reduction in lead time as well as cost.

Watch the passage of your vessels in real-time

In case you have access to your vessels before they start their journey, the APM container tracking device will enable you to have a close watch on the passage of your vessels in real-time. This way, you will stay updated through the entire journey of not only the vessels but also the goods inside them. You can keep updating the receivers to win their trust while strengthening their belief in your services.

Get empowered to address all possible trouble areas

An effective and efficient APM and container tracking Cosco solution also help the shippers in addressing all possible trouble areas such as:

Container fleet performance

Stranded containers

Unnecessary dwell time

Inordinately extraordinary damage, and

Any kind of damage during the journey.

Taking into account the container fleet performance, the shippers can take advantage of the ability to rank clienteles from first to last in a very systematic way.

Make a difference with analytics reports

A detailed and minute analysis of everything in the business of shipping matters more than anything else. Be it APM container tracking or container tracking Cosco, an effective and efficient container tracking system offers much more than just tracking. It offers detailed analytics reports that help the shippers in accessing the real-time container movement where visibility and transparency set new benchmarks in the entire supply chain. Performance Benchmarking Reports help shippers in:

Analyzing dwell time of Ports, CFSs and ICDs

Identifying operational inefficiencies

Creating compliance across the system

Bridging the information gap to increase and streamline the coordination between stakeholders.

Concluding Remarks

Be it APM container tracking or container tracking Cosco, NICDC Logistics Data Services (NLDS), formerly DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) deployment of Logistics Databank System (LDB) has proved to be a panacea for all shipping companies due to its remarkable new-age features. The system works on the latest technology and provides everything that an operator of the shipping business needs. Currently, LDB is covering 100% of India’s container volume. By now, over 30 million containers in the country have been tracked using the LDB services.