Most Reliable International Shipment Tracking System

Most Reliable International Shipment Tracking System
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NICDC Logistics Data Services (NLDS), formerly DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) deployment of Logistics Databank System.

LDB is one of the most reliable, effective, and efficient national and international shipment tracking systems in India.

DLDS’s flagship project Logistics Data Bank (LDB) has proved to be a game-changing solution that makes use of IoT (RFID technology), Big Data, and Cloud-based solutions to provide not only container tracking solutions but also CFS handling performance. The efficiency of the system reflects in the fact that so far more than 30 million containers have been tracked using this system.

The excellence of LDB services are not confined only to container tracking but also reflects in the performance of:

● Entire logistics chain

● Shipment tracking and monitoring

● Warehousing management and cargo consolidation

● Improved dwell time.

The LDB services have helped streamline the container logistics operations at all the major ports in India that include:

● Mundra and Hazira Ports of Adani Ports

● Special Economic Zone (APSEZ)

● Ports of Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Krishnapatnam, Cochin, and Kolkata taking the total number of operations across 27 port terminals of India.

Effective and efficient tracking of containers is necessary for various reasons

Effective and efficient tracking of containers is necessary to reduce the overall logistics costs from the present 14% of the GDP to global standards of 8% to become competitive in the export market. After the advent of digital tracking solutions, the overall container handling time at JNPT has come down from 97 hours to 47 hours. It has not only brought in ease of doing business but also has reduced logistics cost to 12% of GDP.

Just contrary to the existing scenario where a large part of the logistics industry is dependent upon the middlemen, LDB provides unmatched visibility in terms of:

● Port terminal operations

● Performance-related matters

● Better dwell time

● Route optimization

● Planning the entire supply chain

● Taking well-informed decisions.

Single dashboard: multiple solutions:

LDB is probably the first system that works on highly sophisticated RFID technology and internet-powered electronic file transfer system. Through the single dashboard, it offers all the solutions on all devices including desktops and mobile applications. Some of the key improvements in the performance indicators with LDB services include the following:

● 15% improvement in Dwell time of Export bound Containers.

● 42.86% improvement in Dwell time of Import bound Containers

● Dwell time of ICDs & CFSs in the western corridor has improved by 26.7%.

● LDB Congestion Analysis helped in reducing the transit time between Ports to CFS by around 12%.

● LDB Analytics showed that Truck Transit Time between Toll Plazas improved by 25-27 % in comparison to the pre-GST scenario.

Concluding Remarks

As one of the most reliable and efficient international shipment tracking solutions that offer not only CFS handling performance but also Dwell time of ICDs, LDB services are changing the face of the entire logistics industry in India. Never in the history of Indian Logistics (or globally) did there exist a single window through which the entire supply chain was integrated and viewed. LDB has completely revolutionized the way soft infrastructure was being used by the supply chain domain.