Love eating out a lot? Gaining weight is the least of your worries.

Love eating out a lot? Gaining weight is the least of your worries.

Are you aware that bad eating habits can cause erectile dysfunction?

Are you aware that bad eating habits can cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a health problem that affects men all over the world. The dysfunction is much more common than is believed and affects men's sexual and psychological health.

Much attention should be paid to it, not only to achieve optimal sexual health but also because the condition, in many cases, is a sentinel symptom (indicator) which means that erectile dysfunction can also be the first alert that the body gives about another disease, such as heart problems or diabetes.

How diet and erectile dysfunction related?

Diet and nutrition can play a fundamental role in the appearance and prevention of this pathology. Let's explore how diet and erectile dysfunction are related?

Eating food high in sugar or sodium can cause high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes. People who smoke, do not lead an active lifestyle, or are overweight have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction.

These conditions can damage the nerves of the genitalia and affect the blood vessels, thereby decreasing the blood flow to the sexual organ.

If the problem persists for too long, make sure to visit a doctor, and once you have attained the appropriate mediation, changing your diet and exercising can help improve your condition.

What diet to eat to improve erectile dysfunction?

By eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains, better blood sugar control is achieved through the contribution of dietary fibre and the elimination of simple sugars and refined flours.

Also, adequate blood pressure is maintained if the food is not laced with high sodium (salt) due to its high potassium content.

Changing from your regular refined oil to olive oil, nuts, and fish consumption, both white and blue, over that of red meat, a better lipid profile is achieved in the blood by which bad cholesterol is reduced while good cholesterol becomes higher.

Also, these foods provide vitamin D that counteracts free radicals and enhances nitric oxide, which is known to promote erection.

The moderation of the portions of the dishes and the fractioning of meals during the day, helps reduce weight as long as the food choices comply with the bases of a healthy diet.

Regular exercise to promote health

Diet and erectile are closely related, and if maintained for a long time, the condition can be dealt with without medication.

Another thing that you can do to promote blood flow and achieve erections is to exercise regularly. Much like the food you eat nourishes the body, regular exercising improves blood flow, reduces weight, thereby reducing cholesterol levels.

Even if you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, a healthy diet and regular exercise are two main components of physical, mental, and sexual health. The regime can act as preventive maintenance for your body.

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