Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster

Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster

You have content to share, and you like the idea of 'Klusstering'. Here are the steps to get started with Klusster.

Getting started with Klusster is simple!


- Go to the Klusster Home Page

- Select the [Join Klusster] button at the top right

Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster

- Create and enter your username, email and password


- Click the default profile photo on the right of the header bar

- Select "My Author Profile" from the drop-down menu

Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster
  1. Upload a Cover Photo and Author Photo. NOTE: when you upload photos, you have to save to complete the upload process. You then need to click the [SAVE CHANGES] blue button at the top to save all changes to this page - it is a 2 stage save process for photos :-)
  2. Create an Author Name - this is how you will be known as a content author. You may choose your full name, your business name or some other name that represents you.
  3. Input an "About the Author" Description that will tell readers who you are as an author and what you and/or your business is all about.
  4. Select Tags that will help you be searchable on Klusster.  The content tags reflect what you are about as a content creator/author.
  5. Input your Contact Details - These details will be visible on your profile page and will make it easy for your readers to contact you directly.

NOTE: You must complete the items minimum listed in the "Author Profile Checklist" before you can save your profile.


- click on the green [Create] button on the right of the Klusster header

Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster

- {Style and Content tab} - Start creating your content here!

  1. Create a catchy title to grab your reader's attention! Follow that with a clear and enticing description.
  2. The first image is mandatory - this is the image that will be pulled into social media posts and will be visible on any tiles on Klusster for this piece of content. Make sure this image is appealing and eye- catching!
  3. Your editor tool on the right is where you can change the heading type, font style, formatting, and you can also embed hyperlinks, Images, YouTube Videos and SoundCould/Iframes.
  4. Your SEO rating - this is a great tool! Review the information in the tool tip by clicking the (i) to the right of the tool. Here you will see dynamic tips to help your content be as effective as possible to optimize your search results.
  5. Be sure to include links from your Klusster content back to your web site - this generates valuable backlinks to your website that will positively impact your website SEO.
Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster

- {Settings, Call-To-Action, Activation} Tab

  1. Customize your Call-to-Action to generate engagement with your readers. This is the blue form on the right hand side of every piece of content.
  2. You likely want all of the leads from your call to action forms to come to you, so leave the "Yourself" box checked. You can assign the leads to your team members or the publication owner as well ... please check out this article to understand when you would use these options!
  3. Select Tags that will help your content be searchable on Klusster and in Google. Use a location tag if location is meaningful to you and your content, or leave this blank if location is not important to you. The content tags reflect what your content is about.
  4. Expiration Date can be useful if your content is time sensitive and you want it to become inactive on a specific date. If your content is "Evergreen", leave this field blank.
Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster

- Activate your Content - green [Activate Now] button on the Settings, Call-To-Action, Activation tab. When you activate your content, your portfolio becomes visible on the Klusster platform, and anyone can now view your article! Congratulations you have created your first piece of content!

Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster


Now that you have an article on Klusster, it's time to start getting visibility!  By becoming a contributor to a Klusster publication, you are joining a group of like-minded peers/business owners who are all working together to drive visibility to the publication's content and to drive more traffic to the Klusster.

The more complimentary the group's content is to yours, the more synergy your content will have with the other group members and with the other group members' audiences.

To have your content published into a Klusster publication, you first need to send a request to the publication manager.  The manager will review your request and either decide to accept or decline your request.  If you don't know the manager, you might choose to start by sending a message to the manager to introduce yourself and build a relationship.  Klusster Publication Managers have many different strategies for their Klusster Publications.  Some will allow anyone whose content fits with their Klusster strategy submit content.  Other managers have strict criteria for who they permit to be part of their Publication.  If you know the manager, and they are simply waiting for your request, it is easy to get your request sent!

  1. When you are signed in to Klusster, go to the home page of the publication you would like your content to be published in.
  2. On the left hand side you will see a box with the Publication Manager identified.
  3. Either send the Publication Manager a Message by clicking "Contact Manager" link below the Manager's name.
  4. OR Send a request to the manager to have your content published in their Klusster Publication by clicking the [+Submit Content] button.
  5. You will then see a dropdown menu of all of the active articles in your Klusster Portfolio - select the article you would like to submit and click [Request].
  6. The Publication Manager now has a pending request from you waiting in their notification panel.
Getting started: Writing Content and Submitting to a Klusster

Once the Publication Manager accepts your request, your content will be the newest content published in their Klusster Publication - AND - all of the existing contributing members in that Klusster will receive a notification that your content is the newest content available to them to share to their social audiences.


Now it is time to write your second article and get that one published too :-)