To Get Found Online, You Need Content Online!

To Get Found Online, You Need Content Online!

Google can't find you if you don't have content Google can index when determining where to rank your site for a specific search term!

To get ranked in search (ie. Google), you need content that can be found by Google that is optimized (ie. focused on) the search terms/Keywords you want to be found for.

There are several channels you need to consider for a strong content marketing strategy:

1. Your Web Site

You need strong foundation content on our website that is focused on the keywords you would like to target.  Ideally, you should have one page per key word.  Your content should be relevant to your keyword, but you should NOT overuse your keyword in your content text.  Write as you normally would about that topic.  Create good content, that provides value and insight to your readers.

2. Complimentary Content Linking To Your Web Site

Additionally, you need complimentary content, also focused on your keywords, hosted OUTSIDE of your web site that has links to the relevant pages on your website - creating valuable "backlinks" (one of the important ingredients Google looks for when prioritizing your site in search).


Here at KLUSSTER, we can help you improve the organic traffic to your website!

Case Study

Check out how one of our client's results improved when they started working with KLUSSTER!

To Get Found Online, You Need Content Online!


First, we conducted a keyword strategy session with the client where we researched keywords related to their business.  We identified the terms they wanted to focus on based on the competition for those terms and the terms most relevant to their customers and their business.


With their keywords as our guide, we structured their website content to be optimized for these key words.  We consider the website content as "Foundation" content.  This is the nuts and bolts of what you do, what you offer, what you are all about.

Remember - Google needs content to send their users to for specific search terms, so it is important your content is structured so Google can easily understand what you are talking about.  For example, if you offer multiple services within your business, don't list/describe all of your services on one page ... this becomes confusing for Google to understand and therefore rank effectively.  Devote one page to each of your services, where you clearly describe what your service is, the benefits of your service, who should use your service, etc.


With the website foundation in place, we then focused on creating content to serve 4 purposes:

  1. Drive traffic to the web site.
  2. Generate engagement and traction when shared on social media.
  3. Follows the keyword plan, focusing on the targeted keywords to be optimized for search, but with more shareable/consumable flavour to the content style. For example - foundation web page focused on "What is Physiotherapy", supporting content "Top 10 Ways a Physiotherapist can Help Back Pain".
  4. Includes links back to the foundation content pages on the website.

This content was hosted on the KLUSSTER platform.  It was structured in the client's portfolio of content, and then we "Syndicated" their content into 2 different KLUSSTER publications:


The first KLUSSTER publication was all about THIS client.  Their staff was proactively engaged through the KLUSSTER TEAM ALERTS program to share the content on a regular basis to their own social media.  The staff has a vested interest in generating visibility of their business to their friends and family through social media because they all want more business coming in!  The business owner was able to see which staff members were bringing the most traffic to their KLUSSTER publication, and was able to reward the staff member(s) who were generating the most traffic to their content.  This is a WIN-WIN for the whole business.  Everyone is working together and has an opportunity to help drive traffic and therefore business.  Everyone felt like they were able to positively contribute to the overall success of the business.


The second KLUSSTER publication was a GROUP publication where this business agreed to collaborate with a group of about 20 other local business.  On a weekly basis, each business was notified that their KLUSSTER publication had new content from one of their fellow contributors.  Each business contributed to the overall success of the group by sharing both their own content AND the content of their fellow contributing members.  This provides visibility for each business into the social media audiences of their group members which EXPLODES the reach for everyone.  When a reader comes to the KLUSSTER publication, they will usually read more than just the article they initially came to - this is the NETWORK effect!  There is great benefit in numbers and in collaborating together.


The end result was that this business developed a strong strategy to get their content distributed to MANY different audiences beyond their OWN social media audience.  They were able to proactively engage their staff AND they were able to get engaged with their community of small business owners.  Their content was out there working for them, driving traffic and gaining visibility with many new people they had never had contact with before.

This content was optimized for search around a clear Keyword plan that complimented AND LINKED TO the foundation content on their web site. This drives traffic to their web site, and also positively impacts the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their web site, causing them to appear higher in the list of results for the search terms they strategically targeted.

As you can see from the chart above, their organic search results to their web site increased from an average of about 60 page views per month to a SUSTAINED average of approximately 400 page views per month.

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