Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Online Marketing Summit | Laura MacHardy - Klusster

Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Online Marketing Summit | Laura MacHardy - Klusster

To get found online, you need content online! Join Laura Machardy, co-founder of Klusster, for a discussion on amplifying your online presence.

On May 27, the Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Marketing Summit will be taking place - a FREE online event to help you drive your business forward.

You will have access to speakers, and panel discussions all day on May 27.

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Laura MacHardy, Klusster Co-Founder
Adapt. Invent. Thrive. SPEAKER

Laura MacHardy is a Community Builder, Entrepreneur, Business Developer. She is also the Co-Founder of Klusster, a tool for businesses to drive more distribution of their content.

As stated by Jonathan Perelman, "Content is King, but Distribution is Queen .... and she wears the pants."

Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Online Marketing Summit | Laura MacHardy - Klusster

He goes on to say, "It’s not nearly enough to create a good piece of content. You have to understand how content spreads across the web."

Finding ways to distribute your content beyond your own channels is essential in today’s online world. There is so much untapped opportunity to drive distribution, and Klusster was built to help you tap into that potential.

Join Laura on May 27, as part of the Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Marketing Summit, where she will discuss the importance of content for getting found online.  Organic traffic, and unlocking the power of a group to work together to drive distribution will be key topics in this discussion.

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More about Klusster:

Unlock the power of a group to drive distribution to your content with Klusster!

Klusster was built to:

a) Allow groups to easily create online eMagazines (content Klussters) with other complimentary authors - offer more value to your readers with multiple authors with great content to share.

b) Help these groups quickly and easily share each other’s content to multiple social platforms to drive distribution for all group members. All group members benefit when a reader comes to their Klusster to read one article because they usually read other articles in your eMag/Klusster too!

Bonus: Klusster is separate from your own website, so the content you host here can include links to your website. These can be great backlinks for you!

Klusster is a FREE online platform.  Start your account today!

Follow this step-by-step guide to get started.

Need help developing your content strategy?

The Klusster team offers for-fee services to businesses looking to strategically develop a content plan to amplify their online presence.

We focus first on your keywords and uncovering those that offer the most opportunity for search traffic for your business.  Then we ensure your website has foundation content built to directly target the selected keywords.  Finally, we build an ecosystem of supporting content (hosted on Klusster, Google My Business, etc) and backlinks to your website, to drive distribution and organic traffic for your business.

Contact me today to duscuss how a content strategy can amplify your online presence!

Laura MacHardy