Women Motorcycle Jeans - A Blend Of Fashion And Protection

Women Motorcycle Jeans - A Blend Of Fashion And Protection
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A good pair of women's Kevlar jeans are padded with armor at the knee, hips, and thighs and provide protection to these impact zones.

Finding women's motorcycle gear can be really hard when the majority of motorcycle riders are male. Usually, women can be seen sitting on the bike as passengers, but luckily a lot of women can be seen as riders nowadays. Yes, you heard me right, women like to ride on motorcycles too. Like men, women have the same essentials of riding gear like women's motorcycle jeans, leather or Kevlar jackets, gloves, boots, eye and hearing protectors as well as undershirts and vests. But they differ in designs, colors, and obviously, size as women are little curvier than men. Unlike men, women are more into fashion and designs and want to look good, covered up for any kind of weather, and be safe.

There are many brands manufacturing women Kevlar jeans, jackets and Kevlar pant liners along with other necessities by keeping in mind their unique shapes. Whether women are riding on their partners' back or riding on their own, a proper motorcycle gear is highly important and they need to be safe on their bikes just like men


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There is an ultimate tip for women. Never buy protective hoodies or jackets, women motorcycle jeans, gloves or other items on the basis of their colors or designs and how attractive they look. Your first priority should be how protective and comfortable you would be in these motorcycle garments. Many high-end brands have a large variety of women motorcycle jeans, with different styles, colors and designs. Women riding apparel are mostly made with leather and textiles. Leather provides the best abrasion resistance from the pavements and looks classy. Textiles come up with built-in armor and can be worn in summer as well as winters.

Like our heads, chest, and hands, the most important part that needs to be protected is our legs while motorcycling. According to statistics, the most vulnerable part likely to get injured after the head are legs or lower body. For this purpose, women's Kevlar jeans with armor and Kevlar jeans are made to protect legs from the heat of the engine and blazing sun.

Wearing normal denim or cotton trousers and thinking it would provide the protection like Kevlar is wrong. The regular denim will be torn out with the friction from the road surface scratching your skin and nylons as well as polyesters start to melt at just 5mph.

Leather pants would be best for impact and abrasion protection, that is why all professional racers prefer wearing them. But leather could be a little irritating or sticky in summer or for long distances.

A good pair of women's Kevlar jeans are padded with armor at the knee, hips, and thighs and provide protection to these impact zones. These Kevlar lined denims made by manufacturers will not be torn out by the friction of a crash. Many women's motorcycle jeans lined with Kevlar are sometimes torn out from the outside in a third or fourth crash, depending on the severity of a crash, but they are still rigid enough from the inside to not let the scratch hurt your skin.

Choose your riding gear by keeping in mind the kind of weather, the length of destination as well as the conditions of the road. The material of women motorcycle jeans depends on the style you like and the kind of comfort you need. Both leather and Kevlar lined denims provide ultimate protection, but denim is more casual, easy, cool and comfortable.