Get yourself a proper motorcycle safety gear

Get yourself a proper motorcycle safety gear
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Please make sure that you know and follow all riding rules and regulations while you take your ride. A proper motorcycle safety gear can save your life!

Being a part of motorcycling you might have realized how risky and adventurous it is. But motorcyclists prefer and prioritize getting a heavy bike more than getting a proper motorcycle riding apparel, without realizing that buying a motorcycle safety gear is equally crucial as getting a bike. Below is a guide to motorcycle safety gear items and what would best suit your style.

Motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle safety gear manufactures equally emphasis the importance of each item from helmets to boots. You must be equipped with proper motorcycle riding apparel before leaving the house. The most important thing to consider before buying full-face helmets is their shape and size. It should just fulfill the safety requirements, so it’s not too loose or too tight.

After that, a helmet's lifespan is another important thing to keep in mind. If you encounter an accident and your helmet absorbs some impact energy or a crack, you must replace it. While, according to professional’s advice, if you haven’t experience any severe accident you should replace it every 5 years due to hygienic reasons.

motorcycle protective clothing

motorcycle riding apparels

Best Motorcycle protective Gear

Protective pants and jackets

Motorcycle riding apparel specialists warned the riders that ride with only helmets and gloves. All the items that count in motorcycle riding apparel have a valid reason to be made. Protective jackets and pants are incorporated with protective materials and armor to save your body from road crashes and impacts. In addition, the motorcycle riding apparel made with aramid fibers like Kevlar or Cordura, have additional linings such as mesh, water-proofing and others that work according to weather demands. If you wear normal clothes while riding just to remain comfortable, replace them with motorcycle safety gear equipped with para-aramid fibers to balance comfort and security.


Since riders naturally fall on their palms when experiencing a fall, motorcycle gloves play an important part in protecting them. Gloves as a motorcycle safety gear item offer protection from rocks as well as provide heat insulation. The best pair comes as Kevlar and leather, both induced with protective padding on Knuckles, fingers, and palm areas. They are the most important motorcycle riding apparel equipment as they will help in controlling and gripping the bike thoroughly.

Protective boots

Protective footwear is an individual preference to pick out from; there are features for instance a non-slew sole and oil opposition that can be measured while creating a choice. In addition, having appropriate motorcycle protective boots can lessen the threat of harm by 45% and danger of an exposed damage by 90%. For the protection of feet, wearing protective motorcycle boots that cover ankles is a best choice.

Racing suits

Racing suits are specifically made for race-track riders as a policy to keep them safe. They are only made with leather and are either one-piece or two-piece. On-piece racing suits have protective pants and jackets joined by a zipper and are considered more beneficial than two-piece racing suits for multiple reasons. Racing suits are advanced features in motorcycle riding apparel, while other riders can also wear them if they desire. They have all motorcycle riding apparel features like protective linings, material and armors.


Above article guides you to experience a safe riding expedition. Please make sure that you know and follow all riding rules and regulations while you take your ride. A proper motorcycle safety gear can save your life!