What is the easiest way to clean grout?

What is the easiest way to clean grout?

Tiles are a great choice for flooring and walls in the home and office. The grout on tiles can get dirty or stained over time. What are your cleaning choices?

For the home

Tiles are attractive on floors and walls in kitchens, bathrooms, and other parts of the house. Dingy, old, or stained are not so attractive. Often weekly cleanings are not enough to keep your tile and grout from staining or discoloration. Trying to clean and protect your tile and grout in by yourself can be exhausting and time consuming and no one wants to spend time and money on replacing old, worn out tiles. They should be kept free of dirt and regularly given deep cleans. You may wonder if your tile and grout could look brand new again without replacing them. The answer is YES, so before you decide to replace them consider consulting with a professional residential tile and grout cleaner such as Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration. Here are some ideas for cleaning grout in the bathroom and kitchen.

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Commercial Workplace

Tile is becoming more common in workplaces and commercial buildings, but heavy foot traffic throughout the year can leave your floors looking dull or dirty. Spills and stubborn stains start to appear as time goes on, transforming your tile floors into something less than desirable. How do I clean grout safely?

Business owners or employees will attempt to clean the tile and grout flooring by using the wrong cleaners and mixing solvents. Mixing various solvents and cleaners to remove tough stains can damage your tile and grout by wearing them down, especially if those products consist of acids or bleach.

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Let the Experts Help

Our technicians at Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration are experts at tile cleaning and grout cleaning. They will restore the natural beauty to your ceramic tile and grout quickly and economically. With Lakeshore’s truck mounted turbo washing system, your tiled foyers and washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized in no time.


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