How to Protect Your Carpet and Floor during the Holidays

How to Protect Your Carpet and Floor during the Holidays

While the holiday season can be filled with family and wonderful memories, it can also be one of the most frustrating times of the year for carpet owners.

From sudden spills and messes from last-minute shopping trips to parties and get-togethers, keeping your carpet clean and pristine during the holidays can seem like an impossible task. Here are some tips that will help you protect your carpet and floor during the holidays!

Use Plenty of Coasters

Accidents will happen during holidays. Prevent your hardwood floor or carpet from being stained by having plenty of coasters, mats, table cloths, or other protective devices around your home. Accidents can easily be cleaned up before they have a chance to ruin your flooring! We recommend investing in good-quality coasters for optimal protection. These types of products are worth their weight in gold if you’re worried about spills on your carpets and floors!

Buy Furniture Mats That Fit

If you have carpeting or hardwood floors, protecting them from damage during a party is essential. This means not only putting furniture pads on chairs but also buying a rug (or even several) that will help keep feet off of your flooring. For example, place one under your coffee table and another in front of it—that way, no one is going to put their toes or heels directly on your wood floors when they sit down for a conversation.

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Invest in Sticky Pads

Sticky mats are great for protecting your carpet from dirty shoes, but they’re even better at keeping party decorations in place. Stick them under photo cutouts, beneath the mistletoe, or on top of vases, so everything stays put. If you do not want to permanently stick anything down, rubber bands are an alternative that will also do a pretty good job.

Place Thresholds Under Doors

Keep your carpets safe by placing thresholds under all exterior doors. By blocking out drafts, you’ll cut down on allergens that can enter through cracks.

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Cover All Exposed Surfaces

For all exposed surfaces, be sure to protect your carpet with a tablecloth or piece of the furniture cover. In addition, make sure that any candles you use for decoration do not sit directly on wood surfaces. If they do, place a serving tray or trivet under them. Last, be mindful when placing anything hot on your kitchen countertop. Use trivets or hot pads instead of directly placing anything hot onto your kitchen surface.

Remove Slippery Rugs

The best way to protect your floors during the holidays is by removing any rugs, runners, or mats that can become slippery when wet. Even if you have area rugs with rubber backing, take them up off of your floor and place them away from areas that get a lot of traffic. Be sure to roll these rugs tightly for them to dry completely before putting them back down. Roll up any other items like doormats or towels, so they are not likely to cause slips on a wet floor.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If a glass of wine or a cup of eggnog is spilled on your carpet or floor, act quickly! Remove all liquid by blotting with a cloth, or dabbing up excess moisture with paper towels. Then clean with vinegar diluted in warm water. After you've removed as much as possible, leave it alone to dry completely (24 hours).

Spot Treat Stains

Even if you can’t vacuum or sweep right away, always treat stains as soon as possible. First, blot any excess liquid with a paper towel before treating a stain. Try using stain removers like Shout Advanced Gel Stick, OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Pen, or Spray ‘n Wash Stain Lifter Spray. If those are all out of your price range there is always baking soda! Make sure you test in an inconspicuous area first since it has its own discoloring characteristics.

Store Boxes off the Floor or Ground

Before you start decorating, make sure that boxes are stored off of either your floor or ground. Leaving them on your floor will not only increase wear and tear but it can also become a tripping hazard. If you place items on top of boxes, it’s important that they aren’t heavy enough to damage those underneath. To protect your floors from getting damaged, try using packing blankets as additional protection from holiday decorations. And be sure to remove any lids or tops before storing!

No matter how good your seasonal decorating tastes are, some part of your home is bound to see holiday-related damage. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending a lot of money on carpet repair or replacement when all you needed was a little preparation.

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