Keep Your Tile Looking New

Keep Your Tile Looking New

Ceramic tile is a beautiful, practical, and durable floor covering. Many have chosen this floor covering for the style and its low maintenance.

If care is given to this flooring, it will reward you and your home for many years.

Ceramic tile has a durable surface which is great at resisting soil and spills; but there is a vulnerable part of your flooring that is sometimes overlooked. It is the porous and absorbent grout that lies between the tiles. A floor will lose its new appearance and beauty if the grout is not properly cared for.

Ceramic tile is impervious to most soil and spills, but the grout between the tiles is not. Sealing the grout is frequently not included with the installation of tile floors. Without proper sealing, the grout will soil more quickly and is susceptible to permanent staining.

There is an easy test you can perform to check whether or not your grout is adequately sealed. Place a drop of water on the grout. If the grout is properly sealed, the water will “bead up” in the form of a drop. If the water gets absorbed into the grout, it needs to be sealed. Repeat this test in several areas of the floor. Your tile cleaning specialist is trained to seal the grout for you.

Tile floors need to be cleaned for two reasons.

  1. the floor is the lowest point in a room, so this is where most of the soil settles.
  2. people walk on the floor, grinding this soil into crevices of the tile and grout.

The better you are at preventing this soil from accumulating on the floor, the less trouble you will have removing it.

Dry dust mopping or vacuuming are the best ways to remove dust, hair, and loose soil. Disposable dry dusters are fast and quiet. Vacuum cleaners are also great. Make sure they are designed to clean hard surface floors and have no exposed metal parts that can scratch the floor’s surface. Do not use vacuums with beater bars.

Regularly damp mop tile floors to remove trapped dry soil, drips, and spills after you dust or vacuum. Use the manufacturer’s recommended grout and tile cleaners. For heavier soil, you can spot clean the floor with a sponge or clean cloth. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with warm water to help remove any leftover residue. If needed wipe the floor dry with a clean towel to remove any film.

If accumulated soil is not removed with wet mopping, more restorative cleaning may be necessary. Heavier duty cleaning products are available at your grocery store to remove imbedded dirt, soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew stains. Scrubbing action may be necessary to accomplish the job.

When restorative cleaning is necessary, a tile and grout cleaning professional is needed to save yourself from the harder work. Professionals have the equipment and solutions that yield fantastic results.

A little maintenance and cleaning, goes a long way in keeping your tile floors looking like new.

Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration

What is ceramic and porcelain tile?

It is manmade tile composed of clays, minerals, and water. Manufacturer’s stamp, glaze, and screen print it to make various patterns and colors. The absorption rate of the tile qualifies it to be ceramic or porcelain. Absorption rates for porcelain are lower than 0.05% and ceramic tiles are above 0.05%. Ceramic or porcelain glazed tiles are considered to be impervious and are not absorptive where there is glaze.

Is granite porous?

Some granite is porous, but not all granite needs to be sealed because some of it is modified at fabrication to be non-absorbent so it will repel stains. Have your stone professional apply a test to know for sure.

Can holes in stone be fixed?

Holes in stone are very common and painless to fix They are created by moisture vapor transmission when the stone is being formed from sediments. A good stone restoration expert can determine the type of products to use and apply them like an artist matching colors.

What is the white stuff coming up on my stone and grout?

Efflorescence. Moisture causes the absorbent stone to act like a poultice which attracts the minerals from the sub floor to migrate to the top of the stone. It can be professionally removed once the moisture source runs its course.

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