The Best Diets for 2018

The Best Diets for 2018

Any diet you follow needs to be effective and importantly safe. Also you need to be able to follow it without it being too difficult.

Eat Well, Be Well

We spent a lot of time designing our meals and menus incorporating information and feedback from schools of Public Health, MDs, NDs and Dietitians (notice no Nutritionists - because that is not a real thing, you could call yourself one if you wanted in Ontario).

The Best Diets for 2018

Our meals are excellent for your heart health every day of the year. We use a combination of the Mediterranean and DASH diets (Voted #1 best overall diets for 2018) with some added portion control to help with weight loss and weight maintenance.

The Best Diets for 2018

Why did we choose these diets to base ours off of? See the benefits found through extensive research below for each and you will agree these are great things. These diets are some of the most scientifically studied and are found to be effective and as importantly - safe.

The Best Diets for 2018

DASH Diet Benefits

  • reduce blood pressure (hypertension) within 2 weeks
    • lower at 2300 mg of sodium a day
    • even lower at 1500 mg
  • lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • increased fiber for being regular
  • don’t feel hungry or deprived
  • weight loss
  • control blood sugar
  • lessen risk of heart disease and stroke
    • cut risk of heart attack by 25%
    • 25% cut risk of stroke by 40%
The Best Diets for 2018

Mediterranean Diet Benefits

  • reduced risk of various cancers
  • reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease
  • help lower cholesterol
  • weight loss
  • improve rheumatoid arthritis
  • reduce the risk of diabetes
  • help treat type II diabetes
  • reduced risk of heart disease
  • reduced risk of stroke

Why Not Just Use the Most Current Weight Loss Fad Diet?

Many people do and many companies sell them. Usually, there is very little research that it actually works (or if it is safe).  The main consideration for us is that weight loss is not an end in and of itself, many people want to lose weight and that is great but the real goal is to be healthy.

We are all aware of how total life expectancy keeps rising and that is thanks to increased public health and medicine.  But what kind of life is it?  Something we are also interested in is disability-free life expectancy. No one wants to live longer but get a disease that causes a disability. Go back and have a look at the benefits of the DASH and Mediterranean diets and you will see why we think weight loss is not the only goal we need to be concerned with.

The Best Diets for 2018

We offer many plans and even a la carte to get you kick started on eating not only better but the best.