To Breakfast or Not To Breakfast? That is the question.

To Breakfast or Not To Breakfast? That is the question.

Eating in the morning seems to be a done deal that you must have, but the science is not clear at all. What to do?

The most important meal of the day! Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. The common sense sayings are clear that breakfast should not be skipped but what about putting a little real sense and a little science to it to see what we can come up with.


The question if they should eat breakfast and if eating breakfast helps with weight loss are in the top 5 questions we get every day. The answer is not as clear-cut as many make it seem. Those perky nutritional experts on morning television would make you believe it is cut and dry and their new breakfast book will solve all your problems.

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What is the general state of the research? Basically, if the cereal industry is paying for the study it is clear cut that their cereal consumed every day will solve all your problems. If there are studies surrounding kids school breakfast programs they clearly show that breakfast makes the kids perform better in school - sort of. They show that kids that don't eat well most of the time will perform better when they actually eat, duh. A good study looked at weight loss by having people that normally eat breakfast skip it and those that normally don't, actually eat breakfast. The result - both groups lost weight, showing what? It seems that changing your breakfast routine causes weight loss, not the breakfast itself - yeah that helps - not at all. Larger multi-year survey studies show not eating breakfast is related to weight gain. But it doesn't show that not eating breakfast is the cause of gaining weight. It is just as likely that not eating breakfast is just an indicator for someone that is unhealthy in general.

So the research is not there yet for normal healthy people. People that are unhealthy it has been shown to be beneficial for many conditions, but they have their doctor to guide them. For a normal population the answer seems to be - it depends.


What we say is if you are hungry in the morning, eat, if you are not hungry for breakfast skip it but take a healthy snack with you so you are not tempted for that donut. In other words don't get stressed about breakfast, food shouldn't make you feel sick. Other suggestions we have are avoiding the 500 calorie coffees in the morning, black is best but a little bit of cream or milk is fine. If you want to start working out in the mornings or decide your new job is to work in the fields all day you might want to rethink the no breakfast thing. On the other hand if you go from being in the dance studio 8 hours a day to behind a desk all day you really should look at cutting back on the pastries with your morning coffee.

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I used to work out at night after being done at the office and I tended to skip breakfast but I ate dinner at 5 worked out paddling and in the gym or running for a few hours and I would eat again after 9. But since I stopped paddling competitively and the kids came I work out in the morning and I can't get away with not eating breakfast anymore. I make a frozen fruit protein shake and have half before and half after working out, but that first half I have difficulty with but if I skip it I risk passing out at the gym. My wife on the other hand wakes up and has to eat right away … or else.

So what is the takeaway? Basically, listen to your own body, choose healthy options (fruits, nuts, whole grains) and keep in mind that it is the total calorie intake throughout the whole day that is important.


What we came up with to offer our customers are plans that are only 2 meals a day with or without snacks, full healthy breakfasts or quick on the go breakfasts. Breakfast or no breakfast we have you covered. Our plans with and without breakfasts are here for you.

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