NEW Drum Fit & Belly Dancing Classes

NEW Drum Fit & Belly Dancing Classes

NEW Programs to keep you active and moving through music and dance. Drum Fit and Belly Dancing are sure to get you moving so LET'S GET STARTED

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New Classes at our Studio:

800 Franklin Blvd., Unit 13  Cambridge, ON, Canada   ​N1R 7Z1

KYnamics DrumFIT

KYnamics DrumFIT

DrumFIT KYnamics

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High-energy workout that combines cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility with all of the fun of drumming and zero intimidation factor.

Burn 600 – 800 calories in a session

Easily increase the challenge for different fitness levels

This program is great for everyone. Kids and seniors included ;)

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KYnamics DrumFIT

Belly Dancing

KYnamics Belly Dancing

KYnamics Belly Dancing

Come out and learn the basics of bellydance. You’ll have fun, discover muscles you didn’t even know existed, meet great people, and learn about a dance with a rich cultural history!

No experience necessary. Wear comfortable athletic pants, and a form fitting top. Don’t forget your water bottle!

6 Weeks Program Starts April 24th, 2017



Saturday April 15 - 12:30 pm (Class is FULL- Waiting List)

Saturday April 15 - 1:45 pm

Monday April 17 - 7:00 pm (Class is FULL - Waiting List)

Belly dancing is becoming increasing popular with women in their 50s and 60s. Fitness, friendship, and visibility are among the many reasons they are signing up to classes. And, they are not just noticing an improvement in physical health.

• Really good exercise (better than any gym session!) but at the same time, it’s so feminine.

• The costumes — sparkly and gorgeous colors.

• For the most part, it is low impact,

• So many different variations on belly dancing — props, fusions with other forms of dancing, styles (Persian, Egyptian, Turkish) — there is always something new to discover.

• Helps to de-stress from the day job.

• A lovely supportive environment.

• A much more defined waist — belly dancing really tones your obliques.

• Some awesome party moves — everyone loves a shimmy!

• Lots of really good friends.

• More body confidence.

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Ellen learns how to Belly Dance

Ellen Learns How to Belly Dance

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