Is Dancing Good for You?

Is Dancing Good for You?

Check out the many benefits of Dance/Fit classes we offer at our Studio in Cambridge, On.

Dancing is a Good Thing

Studies show that dancing can help you lose weight, stay flexible, reduce stress, make friends, and more. What are you waiting for? Start reaping the many health benefits of dance today.

Dance not only instills grace, but it also helps you age gracefully. According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, dancing may boost your memory and prevent you from developing dementia as you get older. Science reveals that aerobic exercise can reverse volume loss in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory. The hippocampus naturally shrinks during late adulthood, which often leads to impaired memory and sometimes dementia.

A few benefits you get from dancing;

  • Helps your heart
  • Diminish depression
  • Reduces Stress
  • Boost memory
  • Helps with coordination and flexibility and much more

DANCE at KYnamics

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Dance at KYnamics

Dance steps will include Latin rhythms, country and western, modern dancing etc.

TOONIE TUESDAY Seniors Dance Class (No partner required) - Move your feet to the rhythm of gentle latin, western, and modern dancing on a line dancing style.

Modern Line Dancing Beginners Class (No partner required) - Can’t dance? Got 2 left feet? It’s alright. Learn the basics of dancing through basic rhythm patterns.

Modern Intermediate Line Dancing Class (no partner required) - Enriched your dancing skills with new routines and dance steps. You can move, you can follow the beats. Now let’s add some great skills to your steps.

Partners Dance Class - Bring a partner and learn to dance at the rhythm of the drums to Salsa, cha-chas, swing, rock and rock and more. Spin, twist and dip to exciting and fun routines.

FITNESS at KYnamics

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KYnamics Exercise for everyone

KYFit SilverFIT / Gentle Exercise for Seniors - No Impact fitness training for seniors. Seated and/or standing cardio training. Includes the use of hand and leg weights; resistance bands, balls and chairs to improve bone and muscle strength, balance, flexibility, heart and brain health. Join us for this gentle, unique exercise program that blends elements of tai chi, yoga, non-impact aerobics, and meditation all done while sitting in a chair. It is a fun way to improve muscle tone, increase range of motion and feel better all over in your body.

TOONIE TUESDAY Seniors Fitness - A half hour combination of Cardio, strength, balance and flexibility gently fitness

KYFit Low Impact Dance Fitness - Aerobics exercise moves with a fun twist. This class is filled with energy, fun and a variety of rhythms and beats that will keep you on your toes as you dance your way to fitness. Easy to follow steps with low impact movements will allow you to burn calories without even noticing.

KYFit Hi-Intensity Dance Fitness - High energy aerobic dance moves that will make you sweat, dance, and build resistance, tone your body and burn calories away. This class is filled with high intensity moves and dance steps with a variety of upbeat rhythms.

Zumba - Dance fitness party with the incorporation of Latin rhythms like Cumbia, Salsa, merengue and more. This class is filled with high intensity moves that will have you sweating calories away. Join the Party.

Zumba GOLD - Modified Zumba® class that recreates the original Zumba moves at a lower-intensity level. The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination.

PowerFIT - There’s never a dull moment in this creative class. Training includes: Core Strength, body strength, fat lose, muscle gain and more. PowerFIT energizes your body, controls weight, strengthen your heart, helps with stress, depression and aids sleep. You got to try it.

YoFlex - Deep breathing and relaxation techniques to release the toxins of everyday live and relieve stress. The incorporation of balance and flexibility will feel you with energy for a reboot at the end of the day.

TempoBEAT Fitness - Add music rhythms to your cardio fitness by working your Upper body too with the use of percussion instruments such as drum sticks, maracas, tambourine and more.You got to try it. It's fun and a for sure Calorie burning workout.

Steps - Booty lifting, leg toning super workout. Yes, want to lift that Butt and tone those legs? Well, Steps workout is what you want. A high intensity workout to make you strong and build resistance.

One-on-One Personal Training

Have a Fitness Goal?

Either you are looking to lose weight, build endurance, get Fit or simply follow a fitness routine for a strong more.

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