Do Security Guards Have to Go To College?

Do Security Guards Have to Go To College?

In today's world security guards happen to be a much-needed resource for the protection of personal as well as corporate buildings, individuals, as well as surveillance as well as the deterrence of theft.

Naturally, with this demand happens an ever-growing pool of candidates that will be attempting to fill these kinds of positions.

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Traditional wisdom says that a college education is the simplest way to receive a great career, but is this necessary and worthwhile for learning to be a security officer?

Unarmed Security Officer Training Needs

Unarmed Guard education standards fluctuate in the United States of America based on which state that you live within and or perhaps plan on operating in.

The fundamental security officer requirements for each state vary but will comprise of below list of general as well as somewhat universal specifications to a bit of varying degree:

Be at the bare minimum 18 years old or older

Be able to pass a state and F.B.I. credentials check

Need no prior felony convictions

Complete as well as pass the essential guard training course

Many states subsequently either add to or perhaps change these kinds of general needs .

The good quality thing for likely candidates though is that there happen to be really limited, in the event that any kind of formal education requirements provided that you can pass the neccessary exams as well as receive your guard card or guard certificate.

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Armed Security Guard Education Needs

As you might be likely to suspect, an armed security officer will need to meet tougher specifications in order to meet their education criteria and become certified as an armed security officer.

Simply like unarmed officers, the criteria fluctuate from one state to another but generally they include virtually all of the unarmed standards along with :

Able to obtain a firearm permit

Possibly obtain a concealed weapon permit

Complete as well as pass additional state mandated firearm training.

As with unarmed guards, an armed guard may likely need few in the event that any kind of formal education criteria

Formal Education and Security Guards

Formal college educations while still a terrific option as well as might undoubtably serve you well in the future, really is not required to become either an armed or perhaps unarmed guard.

Most states require that you go to as well as complete precise training regiments is dependent upon the kind of guard that you are applying to be certified as.

The majority of prospective guards are far better served by simply focusing on specialized education that may permit these to further themselves in their careers.

A bit of specialized training programs that could be taken to assist broaden a guards skills and resume might be:

Baton Training, utilize, and safety

Pepper Spray Education

Firearms Training

Tactical Weapons Education

Fundamental First-Aid

CPR certification

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Any sort of of these kinds of additional training certifications could aid a probable guard differentiate themselves from additional candidates. These extra certifications could at the same time be accustomed to command a higher salary and or perhaps more effective title.

They would at the same time be likely to be cheaper as compared to a college education and more directly applicable to your job .