Hey astronauts, find something with eyeballs or don't come back.

Hey astronauts, find something with eyeballs or don't come back.
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Hey astronauts, find something with eyeballs or don't come back.

"Take two??" Blake frowns, "What does thaa..." Blake irks as he feels the familiar shift rise and smoke into his body again. His eyes close roll up and close and his face shakes a bit and wobbles his cheeks and lips before he reopens his eyes with the color of cyan and his mouth curling into a wicked sneer.

"Theeeere we go" Polter says through Blake's lips.

"What the?? What NOW?" The mirror says. Blake looks at what he thinks is his 'reflection', but the surroundings are reversed. "What, am I trapped here??"

"Relax, dumbfuck." Polter snickers "I ain't no wizard, not like I can put you in a mirror THAT way. Though that would make things easier if I could."

"What are you even TALKING about?!" Blake exasperatedly rants in the mirror, "Just cut this shit out!!"

"Nuh-uh. I ain't done with you just yet, bonebag. See ya next time" The possessed male then turns to leave porn torrent

Desperate, Blake looks around for a way to stop him. In the mirror, Polter was able to screw with him from there. Can a reverse be possible??

Biting his lip, Blake reluctantly but quickly grabs the back of his underpants under the jeans, and gives a hard YANK! "Try moving with an Atomic... WEDGIE!"

"OoOOoo!" Polter staggers and arches his back as his anus feels a harsh rag burn rush up, "Mmh, not bad, mm!"

"Yeah, you're not going ANYWHERE!" Blake shouts from the glass as he gives another sharp yank! "UH! GHH! Take THIS you freaky fuck!"

"EEeeee! Ahhh! WooohooOO!" Polter just laughs and yelps in Blake's body, holding onto his knees as his ass forces him to stagger up and yank up a few times. His pants and underwear show no difference as he receives the phantom wedgie, "Fuck yeah, show this ass crack no mercy! FFFuck yeah!" Polter sneers over his shoulder and grooves his bum in circles at the mirror, "Fuck me, I might just stay in here and let you get creative!"

"What- you- You're ENJOYING this?!" Blake lets go as he huffs with frustration, "What kind of stupid sick fuck ARE you?!"

"Awww, why'd you stop?" Polter snickers as his hands go to rub his booty, "You give awesome wedgies, meat-sack. Wish I was half the nerds you fucked with in high school."

"Are you KIDDING me?!"

"Nope!" Polter waves him off. "Later, bonebag." With that, the controlled body exits the bathroom. Once the door closes, Blake disappears in the mirror, and once again ends up subconscious in his own head.

Strutting through the club, Bloke searches for his next quarry. His electric blue eyes look left, right, his pants sporting a rod-shaped bulge. So many hot guys of many different shapes and sizes!

Finally, Bloke spots a hot fat black guy. Nice and round burly build, rocking ass. A real bear. "Mmmhh... Polty likes him some thicc chocolate man, MMFF..."

Bloke grins as he comes up behind him, his arm coming in low and hot, "Dayum, that is a fat ASS"


"Ah!!" The chubby stranger jumps from his behind being slapped. He turns around and glares at smirking jackass before him, "The hell's your problem?"

"The problem is your balls is supposed to be on my face like a mask by now, but's far as I'm concerned," Bloke then reaches up and cups and grabs onto the man's round pecs bulging in his shirt.

"Uunnhh," The big and tall black man irks and flinches as his manboobs are fondled.

"All I got to work with is your tits!" Bloke teases before the beefy arm slaps his arms away. "You like'em pal? Cause I wanna do you things for-"

"Buddy, you wanna back up before I jack you up?"

"Psh, what are ya gonna do? Sit on me?" Bloke retorts. Before the dude could respond, he gaps as Bloke reaches down past his hip and starts fondling and slapping his rump, "Cause that's just about all I'm thinkin about."

"Fuck, you're cruisin me?" The dark bear bites his lower juicy lip as Bloke starts to grab and knead his big round gut. Now that he knows this weirdo is actually hitting him up...

"Come on, chocolate thunder." Bloke grins as he digs his hands under the guy's shirt to start playing with those nipples, "How about you take me to one of these rooms and show a white jackass like me how to be a little bitch?"

"F-Fuck..." The black chubbster flinches and groans as Bloke keeps just fondling and coming on to him. Bloke glances down and sees a tent forming in the guy's lap.

"You know I'm just gonna start humping your leg until you- Oop!" Bloke suddenly finds himself yanked to the side as the hefty stud almost forces him to one of the private rooms.

Similar to a hotel, just a simple bed in a small room where guys enter and fuck. Bloke chuckles deviously as he can hear moans and howls of pleasure from the other rooms -- no doors to these cubbies, just curtains to give some illusion of privacy. All that illuminates the surroundings is dark purple and blue lamp posts hanging from the ceiling.

With half of the bars or clubs on Goldenrod Avenue, they will have an area where their customers and guests get weird and sexy in them -- some, like Rockin Cox, have a sort of orgy-room where guys just fuck and suck in the open, while others, like the one Bloke is currently in now, will have somewhat secluded places where patrons can go nuts for.

The two of them go into one and the large-bellied bear closes it. By the time they're ready, Bloke's shirt is already flying and his jeans pool at his ankles, showing that he's wearing some neon green undies that leave little to the imagination.

"So, ya gotta name, or am I just supposed to call ya 'Black Beauty'." Bloke smirks before those thick hands shove him down. "Oof!"

"Man, shut the hell up." The chubby guy says as he removes his shirt, really showing off muscular arms, thick pecs covered with a thin layer of black wool with thick nipples, and a very rotund belly that wobbles with every step.

"Ohhhhh yeah, come to fuckin pap-" Bloke is interrupted as the huge fat stud straddles him. Those hungry lips start gnawing and growling at Bloke's neck. "Hohhhhhhuhuhuhhh" Bloke's legs tuck around the heavy guy's thick hips and just about starts humping his hard lump into that deep belly button.

"You ain't gonna be so cocky now, huh?" The deep bear growled as he looks down to see Bloke grabbing his pecs free sex cams

"Hoohhhhhhhhh you are such a fucking sexy blanket." Bloke basks in this man's heft and vast warmth. "I fuckin want you to eat me alive."

"Psshhh, you an idiot." He says as he pushes his strength further upon Bloke.

"You gonna fuckin punish me or what? Am I gonna have to start calling you a ni- GOMF!" Deceptively fast for his size, the fat suitor has already shoved his musky bulge right into Bloke's mouth.

"You fuckin talk too much, ya dumb fuck. My name is Barry."

"Mmllgg, mmllmmggk" Bloke slurps and gurgles with his mouth full of Barry's thick pouch.

"Heh. Bitch says what?" He asks as he removes his heavily loaded crotch from Bloke's mouth.

"Just gonna say, anyone ever tell you that your cock is fuckin delicious?"

"Pfff, heh heh heh" Barry moves himself up and then sits right on Bloke's chest and peels his underwear down and lets that thick elephant trunk of a penis flop right out .

"OhhhhfffFFFFUCK yes!" Bloke grins wider as he sees those huge nuts also emerge from their hiding place, one drooping after the other.

"Suck my balls, lil bitch." Barry says as he shoves his fat balls onto Bloke's face.

"Heh... I'll get into character then..." Bloke grins as a wisp of cyan smoke glimmers from his face.

At that moment, Blake's eyes revert to normal. He gasps as he sees the massive meat before him as well as the thick testicles now gracing his presence, not to mention how this fat black man's weight is pressing down on him on in this low-lit room!

What's going on?! How did he get here! He only remembers the stupid ghost walking out of the bathroom, and he blinks and now there's a fat naked black man teabagging him!!

He opens his mouth to shout out loud, but his lips feel that cold tingle. Hearing the eerie giggle inside his skull, his mouth pulls itself to start smooching and slobbering onto Barry's sweaty testicles. "Mmmpp! Annggmullmmpp"

"Oh fuck yeah, lick those balls, bitch, lick them balls" Barry says as he smushes his heavy orbs onto those starving lips.

Blake can almost make out the light-blue outline from within his mouth muscles -- it's that ghost possessing only his lips and tongue, he can practically see the asinine poltergeist's smile. Fully conscious, he cringes with inner disgust as the ghost haunts his lips and just sucks on that sac, fitting one ball into his mouth to slurp and gulp before his head shakes to slip and slide the other one.

Blake watches as all the nut-sucking makes Barry's huge cock slowly rise and erect. He secretly quivers as it just keeps getting bigger! That black monster thickens and engorges from his voracious slurping and guzzling.

Just when that dong fully erects, Barry rises up, popping his loose-dangling sac from Blake's mouth. The fat bear strokes his member as he looks at the panting little bitch before him. Blake can barely move, his drool trailing off the side of his mouth as that thick and round stud maneuvers himself.

"Wanna taste, ya lil bitch?" Barry mutters thickly as he strokes his member next to Blake's face.

"H-Haalluummm!" Blake, unable to control his own head, turns his have and glues his lips right around that fat cock. He snorts and sucks that thick meat as if someone is pushing some kind of lewd button in his head.

Everything about this is making Blake cringe with distaste and disgust. He keeps trying to shove the guy away or bite down on his cock, but every time that thought occurs, Polter just makes Blake deep-throat him!

"Ooohhhffffuuuuuck..." Barry moans as Blake sucks him hard and greedily. "Mmmmmhhhhssshhhiiitt... This is fuckin hot, man."

Blake irks and groans as he tries to fight back, but this is nothing like how he fought Polter on a sidewalk -- how can he try to take over a single body part??

Before he knew it, Barry pulls is soaking dripping dick out and moves away. Blake has a full view of that dark moon of his before he can feel the ghost trying to possess his mind again. He clenches his eyes and tries to block him out. He can actually hear the perverted phantom giggling as he feels the mental intrusion in the form of a mild headache pressing on the front of his brain.

"Now. Before I sit on yo face." Barry says as he gets a few things.

-Click-cick, juh-cack-

Blake irks as he looks and sees his wrists are bound by leather straps. "Wh-Wha?! Hey, what the fuck??"

"I don't got a lot of time. And the way you smack talkin me? I'mma make sure you get punished by the time I gotta leave"

Blake feels that odd light-headed sensation again. He blinks, and suddenly his ankles are being raised up by some built in pully-system from the ceiling! "What the fuck, wha"

"Hah, damn boy" Barry laughs as he looks at Blake, "You horny as hell, huh?"

Blake looks, and sure enough, that ghost is making Blake's naked pelvis - NAKED??! What happened to his underpants?? Now his cock is standing on end and almost wagging in circles in its full erection. He can still hear Polter giggling and cackling, almost from inside his penis vr porn

Losing track of himself from the revulsion, Polter once again possesses Blake's brain, and those eyes and grin take over once more "Oh I'm CONSTANTLY horny, fatass!"

"Yeah, you horny, bitch?" Barry says as he walks over and straddles up on the bed. "You bout to put your mouth where my ass is." Bloke licks his lips as his hard rod starts to drool like crazy as the large nude tubbo turns around.

Blake writhes and forces the ghost away from his brain again, "GhhHHH! Get out of my HEAD!" He hissed furiously.

'Hah hah! Have it YOUR way, bonebag!' Polter snickers inside Blake's mind.

"Huh?" The next thing Blake knows, he's staring at the hovering twins of two massive chocolate globes, both cheeks perfectly round "Oh no..." He jerks and pulls at his arms and legs as he can feel the heat from Barry's bottom, "No no, nonono"

Barry then sits and bites his lip as he gnashes his big clean and sweaty crack right into Blake's stubble, "This what you want, lil fuck bitch?" He says as he grinds his massive rump into Blake's face.