Dr. Kristin Wootton, ND with Healthy Back to School Tips

Dr. Kristin Wootton, ND with Healthy Back to School Tips

Going back to school can be exciting and stressful so establishing healthy habits will benefit the transition.

Healthy Breakfast

Start the school day with a little bonding time together as a family, over a healthy breakfast including a protein and fiber. This will help keep them satisfied till lunch. Eggs, fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt are some healthy choices. They will also have the energy to focus on their school work.

Stay hydrated

Kids work and play better when they stay hydrated throughout the school day and rather than sugary drinks, think about water and diluted fresh juice. Adding some fruit slices or fresh herbs (e.g. peppermint) to water and give it some flavour without all the added sugar.

Pack a healthy snack

When packing snacks for your kids, here is a perfect opportunity to include at least one fruit and veggie. Smart snacks include fresh fruit (apple, berries, or banana) or baby carrots and cauliflower with hummus. If the school allow nuts pack a few in a container to give them a protein boost. If not, they are a great after-school snack.

Dr. Kristin Wootton ND, Burlington

Healthy Snacks

Back Packs

It is important to be sure their back packs are the right size and fitting properly. If they are not the right size they can cause back pain.


Doing some mindfulness exercises – five minute meditation and a few deep breathing exercises can reduce the anxiety of going back to school.

Setting a good sleep routine

Getting the kids into a regular sleep routine by going to bed at the same time every night will help them wake up in time to start their day calmly and without stress.

If you are on-the-go parents, a way to reduce your stress is doing more meal preps for ready-made dinners and the night before preparing their lunch boxes.

Dr. Kristin Wootton, ND, Burlington

Healthy Lunch Box

Stay active by incorporating sports and exercise like taking a brisk walk together before dinner, will keep everyone healthier and happier every day of the year.

Healthy Children.org has more tips on back pack safety, getting to school, and bullying.

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