Getting to Know Dr. Kristin Wootton, Naturopath Doctor

Getting to Know Dr. Kristin Wootton, Naturopath Doctor

Dr. Kristin Wootton is an award-winning Naturopath Doctor with a focus on women’s health, fertility, digestion, and stress support!

Dr. Kristin Wootton is a licensed, passionate, and experienced Naturopath Doctor that empowers her patients to make the right decisions for their own circumstances and health – and works with them to develop individualized treatment plans that are both natural and effective.

Getting to Know Dr. Kristin Wootton, Naturopath Doctor
The Burlington community has an inspiring dedication to learning about natural health and preventative care – but with so much information available about health, trying to do the best for you and your family can be overwhelming and confusing. I aim to educate my patients, helping them to sort through the information and provide options that will work for their unique lifestyles and needs.” - Dr. Kristin Wootton

Dr. Wootton is continuously striving to stay up to date on new research and health protocols to provide her patients with the most informed and effective care possible. Her supplementary training includes Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, facial rejuvenation acupuncture, fertility and pregnancy support.

Getting to Know Dr. Kristin Wootton, Naturopath Doctor

She also considers collaboration with other health care providers essential to the overall health of her patients – ensuring they have access to the most comprehensive care possible.

“For me, education is truly the key to health – not only for my patients, but for myself and other health care providers as well. By learning more about the many different healing strategies that exist, we can all better understand how we can work together to improve the health of the community.” - Dr. Kristin Wootton

Dr. Wootton provides an incredible variety of natural health services: diet and lifestyle counselling, vitamin and mineral support, botanical medicine, acupuncture (including Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture), fertility and pregnancy support. She also provides specialized testing, such as hormone testing and food sensitivity testing, that can help determine exactly what is going on with her patients.

If you are struggling to feel your best, or are ready to finally make that lifestyle change, contact Dr. Kristin Wootton HERE for you complimentary 15-minute meet and greet!

Visit Dr. Kristin at one of these locations serving Burlington and Stoney Creek.

Together We’ll Discover a Healthier You


2050 Mount Forest Drive

Burlington, ON

P: (289) 208-5766

Wednesday: 9:30am - 8:00pm

Friday: 9:00am - 4:00pm


3300 Fairview Street

Burlington, ON

P: (289) 208-5766

Tuesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday: By appointment


65 Upper Centennial Parkway

Stoney Creek, ON

P: (905) 662-3235

Thursday: 9:30am - 7:00pm