5 Outwear Pieces Every Man Needs

5 Outwear Pieces Every Man Needs

Fashion trends come and go, but timeless pieces are here to stay.

Every well dressed man or woman knows there are essential pieces of clothing you must have to look great. No matter what the season, we know there are staple items of clothing that will always complete a look. These items will continue to withstand different fads and will prove to come in clutch when you need them. Here we will touch on outerwear pieces that every man needs to have in his closet.

5 Outwear Pieces Every Man Needs

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The Casual Trouser

The casual trouser is anything from a sweatpant or jogger to a chino pant. These staple pieces are easily dressed up or down for any type of casual occasion. Jogger or track pants are lightweight and extremely comfortable to lounge around in, but also add style to your appearance.

A casual trouser is a must have for any man who’s on the go. With so many textures and patterns to choose from, you can find the right pair of trousers for any event. If you don’t have a pair of track pants in your wardrobe already, then you need to buy at least two pairs now!

The Crew Neck T-shirt

The crew neck style has been around for quite some time and proves to be a great go-to piece of clothing for any guy. You can wear a well-fitted crew neck t-shirt on its own, or underneath a nice bomber jacket. Crew neck sweaters are also great outerwear for men because they are light enough to wear in both hot and cold temperatures. Be sure to choose shirts that fit well and hug your body, but aren’t tight like spandex. Crew necks are a must have outerwear piece for men, regardless of the style you are going for.

The Zip-Up Pullover

If you don’t already own a zip-up pullover, then you need to get one today! Every man needs a pullover to throw on when the weather cools down, or for any indoor event. The zip-up style is pretty popular today and is a nice alternative to a full hoodie. Choose a pullover that’s made out of lightweight material, so you can wear it during any time of the year.

Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is an outerwear piece that looks great on almost anybody. It’s a must have item of clothing that will completely tie together almost any outfit. Bomber jackets come in an array of materials and can be worn year-round. They are super practical and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You need to add a bomber jacket to your wardrobe because we promise it’ll come in handy!

The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is another timeless piece of outerwear for men. The polo style of shirt has been around since the 1930’s and has evolved into much more than just a uniform top. A polo can be paired with shorts during the day, or a dark pair of jeans at night. Polos also come in every color you can imagine, as well as fun prints too. You should own at least two polo shirts as a man, because you can wear them to almost any function. If you wear a polo you will be comfortable, while looking presentable and professional. Make sure you have several polos in your outerwear wardrobe.

If you want the option of always looking great, then you should have these key outerwear pieces of clothing. Outwear for men has evolved into more than just t-shirts and khakis, which is exciting for everyone! Looking and feeling good has never been easier and hopefully we’ve given you a guide of where to start. If you add these outwear pieces to your wardrobe you will be comfortable and stylish no matter what you’re doing!